6th Grade – Conservation

Cover PageConservation – Introduction
– Essential Question: How can we reduce the amount of waste we generate?
Unit Map
Culminating Activity Rubrics
– Learning Log: Student Assessment Overview

Lesson 1: Where Does All the ʻŌpala Go?

– Essential Question: How did the needs of early Hawaiians influence the development an use of technology, and how does this compare to our needs and use of technology today?
Letter to Families
– Student Reading 1: Wastes in Early Hawaiʻi
– Learning Log 1: Thinking About ʻŌpala
– Learning Log 2: Reflection
– Student Activity: ʻŌpala Technology Cards
– Extended Activity: How Can My ʻOhana Help Mālama Our Ahupuaʻa?

Lesson 2: Waste Audit
– Essential Question: What inferences can we make from a waste audit about our school’s ʻāina?
– Student Reading 2: Waste Audit
School Waste Audit Form
– Learning Log 3: Reflection
Waste Category Signs

Lesson 3: Waste Not
– Essential Questions: How can we use technology to speed up the decomposition of wastes?
Authorized Effective Microorganisms (EM) Resellers
EM Bokashi Recipe
– Learning Log 4: “From Waste to Wonderful”
– Learning Log 5: Designing an Experiment
– Learning Log 6: Observations
– Learning Log 7: Lab Report

Lesson 4: ʻŌpala Outing
– Essential Question: How has technology changed the way we consume and dispose of products and what can we do to reduce waste to hoʻōla (heal) our ahupuaʻa?
– Learning Log 8a: ʻŌpala Outing
– Learning Log 8b: Teacher Answer Sheet
– Learning Log 9: Mahalo Letter
– Learning Log 10: Group Plan Project
– Learning Log 11: Self-Assessment
Project Ideas

Recycling Facilities Tour

Unit Resources
Unit Resources

Pre-Post Test