Inquiry into Hurricanes: 5B Send a Message of Aloha to Texas…Through Mele

Aloha e nå Ohana Kamehameha (Kamehameha Families) a me nå Ohana Honua (Our World Family),

If you are reading this…we Mahalo (thank) you in advance for your køkua (help) to share our message with the people of the great state of Texas.  Please pass our CLASS BLOG link on!

The haumåna (students) in Papa ‘Elima (Gr. 5) have been diving deep in our essential question:  What is Our Kuleana? What is Our Responsibility ~ As Kamehameha Schools-Hawai’i students, As Hawaiians, and As Global-Citizens…

Our inquiry project began as wanting to know more about Hurricanes, as we solemnly watched with heavy hearts, as parts of our nation and our world were impacted by these destructive natural disasters.  We researched to collect information, we collaborated to share new knowledge with one another…all the while our essential question resonated deep in our na’au…What is Our Kuleana?  What can we do to køkua (help)? Our class agreed that new knowledge and knowing was NOT enough, we needed to put it into action!

The 5B team quickly mobilized to make a difference.  Small teams worked on posters to inform others in our school about Hurricanes, how to prepare & be safe if a hurricane is imminent, how Hurricane Harvey has impacted our World, drew inspiration from how People were helping People and the nationwide fundraising efforts by many, and wondered how 5th graders with no paying jobs could help too!

The team decided that we could share information with our individual Ohana (families) on how to make monetary donations to help, BUT together, we could send our message to the people of Texas…through mele (song).  This is an original mele created by students in 5B after much inquiry & discussion on: What goes into a mele? How did our ancestors haku mele (composed songs) and why?, Who are the people of Texas?  What makes Texans unique?  What is the culture of Texas?…and finally, What is our collective message filled with our collaborative voices/feelings did we want to send to everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We care…You Matter!

We send you, the people of Texas, our message of perseverance, hope, and ALOHA…

“E Hana Püalu Kåkou” ~Together, We Can…

Change Our World, One Heart at a Time!

A Mahalo nui to Kumu Silva (singing with class) for collaborating with us, sharing mana’o, helping with ‘olelo Hawai’i to haku mele and for fine tuning our ukulele skills every step of the way.  Mahalo to Uncle Jason for being a part of our journey of learning & for providing your super hero techie talents!  Mahalo to Mrs. Debus for sharing your ideas and offering support to stretch our thinking.  We are truly blessed with TEAMWORK at Kula Ha’aha’a!

In closing, we are kükauka’i (interdependent), we are people of ONE world, go out and make a positive difference in it!

Let MALUHIA (Peace), MANA’OLANA (Hope), and ALOHA (love) fill you!

 Imua Kamehameha! Imua All!

…Our journey continues…

Please post a comment for us and share your wahi pana (where you come from), students are using this in a lesson on how social media works.

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100 Responses to Inquiry into Hurricanes: 5B Send a Message of Aloha to Texas…Through Mele

  1. kathy horton says:

    Wappapello Missouri USA

  2. PAM EVANS says:

    That was absolutely inspiring and beautiful. What a talented class of young people.

  3. Karen LeCount-Greene says:

    Your wonderful message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you ! Shelton, Washington.

  4. Anna-Karin Olsson says:

    Thank you fore such a nice song. I don’t know so many people in that part of USA jet becouse I live in Sweden. But gonna share this here anyway. Sending you love and hugs.

  5. Kathy Snyder says:

    Thank you for putting together this beautiful song!! I’ll help pass your message along. You should be very proud of yourselves! Long Beach, CA, USA

  6. Mariah Solis says:

    Thank you so much!! This so sweet, such a beautiful song! It’s great to such talent and kindness in such young hearts!! Thank you for the love and support!! Texas, USA

  7. Carol Carruthers says:

    I will send this on to my friend and school classmate from 50 years ago. I live in Canada, but she lives in Texas now. Mahalo nui for your aloha

  8. Leila Kumei says:

    Awesome job! I live in Tokyo, Japan but am formerly from Honolulu. So proud of all of you!

  9. Gay Kauahi says:

    Mahalo Nui Loa!!!
    What a wonderful tribute to perseverance, helping one another, kindness, and love… transcending cultures and distance.
    May my two families get inspired by this sweet tribute!

  10. Gay Kauahi says:

    Forgot… Phoenix, Arizona
    My whole family is from Texas and I married into my husband’s Hawaiian Ohana.

  11. Cyndi Herron says:

    I have passed this on to my niece in Texas to send to her friends in Houston! So heartwarming!

    Cyndi Herron
    Las Vegas, NV

  12. Lana Ululani Robbins says:

    Thank you for sharing your Aloha. Born and raised in Hawai’i. KS Class of 1985. Watched it from north of Seattle. Shared it with some of my friends in Texas.

  13. Denise Kelton says:

    I live in Lomita, California. My oldest son lives in Austin TX, and my youngest is in Dallas. Your beautiful voices sang such beautiful words. Mahalo❤️

  14. Becky Turner says:

    Beautiful. Sharing with my friends in Texas and across the mainland. Aurora, Colorado

  15. Puni Patrick says:

    E kūpaʻa iā kākou! What a beautiful message! Continuing to send prayers to Texas from Makaweli, Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi.

  16. Deb says:

    Beautiful! You’ve reached Cheney, Wa! 🙂

  17. Dena J. says:

    What a wonderful job you all did on this mele! You should all be so proud of yourselves! Thank you for having such kind hearts and for working so hard to send aloha all over the world! ~ Dena J. on the island of Oʻahu

  18. Robyn Downing says:

    Catchy tune! Love the words. Your class was very kind to do this to encourage the folks of Texas!

  19. Michelle Ebbecke says:

    Thank you so much! That was so beautiful! I am from Pasadena, Texas (right outside of Houston) and I have several children living around the affected areas also. Thank you from all of us! TEXAS STRONG!

  20. Hannah says:

    Hey y’all!
    Thank you for the beautiful words! I’m truly thankful for all the kind words said to my fellow Texans and I. Together we will rebuild! #katystrong
    Hannah (Katy, TX)

  21. Connie Briggs says:

    Thank you!!
    From Houston, Texas

  22. Kimberly Webber says:

    What a Wonderful Song,
    Thanks From Longview Texas

  23. Deborah Rice says:

    Thank you so much !
    Blessings to you and much love from Lumberton , Texas
    #Texasstrong !

  24. Tina Holeman says:

    Beautiful! Mahalo nui loa from Houston, Tx!

  25. Kyle Mosley says:

    Mahalo from Temple, TX. I’ll definitely share this so it can spread throughout the great state of Texas . Although this area wasn’t affected much by Hurricane Harvey this video will now be seen my my family and friends who were and are still in the midst of the long journey to recovery. As a former resident of Hawai’i I lived through hurricanes Ewa and Iniki which devastated parts of Hawai’i. My prayers go out to Puerto Rico and all other areas who have been recently hit by hurricanes. And to the students of KSBE thank you for thinking of us.

  26. Whitney says:

    Thank you for the wonderful song!!! It is appreciated from Houston, Texas. #HoustonStrong #TexasStrong

  27. Barbara Dickens says:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness……y’all are amazing!
    Onalaska, TX

  28. Linda says:

    This sure made me smile, thank you kids for caring about us and helping us along! I’m from Aransas Pass and work in Rockport, two cities that took Harvey’s landfall as a category 4. The people of Texas have big hearts and love their neighbors, kindness is plentiful here. Your lyrics are perfect! Much love from Texas ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Gayle Teel says:

    Thank you! Mahalo! We are Texas Strong with a little help from our friends. Aloha from La Vernia Texas

  30. Mamo H says:

    What a beautiful mele and a greatway to share Aloha-

    Thank You

  31. Eliza says:

    A HUGE thank you from Dallas!!

  32. Katlyn Gosch says:

    thank you so much for your sweet song! i will pass it on to all my friends and family, some of which were directly affected by hurricane harvey. your kindness and genuine desire to help others you do not know is very inspiring! -Fort Worth, TX

  33. Don Hulen says:

    Mahalo from Houston! We moved here from Honolulu 2 years ago… and our house flooded. You are doing a great job in lifting the spirits of the affected people. Keep up the good work!

  34. That was beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. You kids are awesome! A big thank you from New Caney, TX!!!

  35. Carl Petrosky says:

    Thank you from SW Houston Texas. We love you and all of the support.

  36. Teryn Ubando says:

    So beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!
    -Dripping Springs, TX❤️

  37. Kodi Cibulka says:

    Sent to my family and friends in Port Aransas Tx. Thank you for the beautiful aloha!!!

  38. Beautiful song! Thank you for your kindness and support. I live in Port Aransas TX, one mile north of where hurricane Harvey made landfall. We got 5 1/2 feet of water in our business but our house survived because it is on stilts lifting it 1o ft above ground. My boyfriend and I travel to Hawaii every winter to surf waves on the north shore. We live by aloha and your song has means a lot to us. Mahalo and Aloha

  39. Eliza says:

    I have watched this several times. What a kind beautiful class! I work at an elementary school in Dallas. I work with 4th and 5th grade students I will be happy to share this song with all of them!

  40. Rich Payne says:

    Love you guys! Mahalo nui Los for lifting our spirits here in Texas. You really embody the spirit of Aloha!!

    I miss my island home. Things like this remind me why my heart is still there.

  41. Pua Ke says:

    What a great way to share Aloha with the people of Texas. I’m so proud of you folks and how you all are showing the Aloha way.

    That’s song is perfect. Great job 5b.

  42. Taylor's 'ohana (family) says:

    Wonderful message. They all must’ve worked hard. Strong minds! Hilo, Hawai’i! #5BFish #TEXASSTRONG #spreadalohaaroundtheworld

  43. Brooke Sohl says:

    Mahalo class 5b! We need all the aloha we can get right now in Texas! Your song is beautiful! So wonderful of y’all to write it for us!! Aloha from Port Aransas Texas

  44. Noah's ohana says:

    Awesome job 5B! What a beautiful song for Texas. So proud of the aloha that you are sharing.

  45. Sandra Linney says:

    Thank you all for your love and prayers . This has been a very hard time for us in the coastal bend area of Texas. The devastation around us is sometimes so overwhelming you just want to cry. But all the volunteers and neighbors helping each other makes your heart swell with love and the tears fall. We will get thru this that is what Texan do, we are strong and resilient. Thank you for caring. Sandra Linney

  46. Justice's ohana says:

    Maika’i 5B. Beautiful song with so much meaning. I’m sure your voices and words will touch the hearts of many people in Texas.

  47. Kuhao's 'Ohana says:

    Awesome song 5B! It was such a pleasure listening to this amazing song you composed. It gives Texas hope and strength to rebuild. Mahalo nui!

  48. Leigh-Ann's ohana says:

    Pure love and aloha from the hearts of each and everyone of you. Continue to expand your knowledge and spread you aloha together. The more voices heard the more impact it will create.

  49. emmas ohana says:

    my ohana thinks that this is a very heart touching mele. they hope that the people of texas see this mele and get lots of hope. it shows that the 5b fish care about them even though we are so many miles away from them.

  50. Dylan's 'Ohana says:

    So proud of our Papa 5B!!! So well done and executed. Very thoughtful and positive message for people who truly need the aloha and support. Maika’i Loa!!

  51. kaahhee says:

    Kamaka’s Ohana: Wow!! Inspiring and touching. We have family that were affected by the hurricane and we too send our aloha to them and the people of Texas! Mahalo Nui Loa ka Papa5B!!

  52. Seth's Ohana says:

    Seth’s Ohana:
    Beautiful song! It shows so much love and aloha…
    God Bless..

  53. Kyler's 'ohana says:

    Great job love your message. You guys are the best.

  54. Kayden's ‘Ohana says:

    Kayden’s ‘Ohana: Perfect way to make awareness and show Aloha to the people of Texas. You all have beautiful voices.

  55. Mia's `Ohana says:

    Awesome song 5B! Such a beautiful message to the people of Texas! God bless you all for sharing your voices to lift up the spirits of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

  56. Landyr's ohana says:

    What an awesome way to come together and show compassion, love and aloha to all those affected by the devasting hurricane. So proud of this class and their efforts! Their voices sound beautiful!!!

  57. Walther Ohana says:

    Good job papa ‘elima!! What an amazing mele of heart felt words and inspiration! Continue spreading the aloha spirit around the world!! I will share this with our Texas Ohana as well!

  58. Jim Ryan says:

    Hello from Texas, Class 5B!

    I live in Dallas, but was on the Texas Gulf Coast when Hurricane Harvey came ashore. Your song is absolutely wonderful. It’s inspiring and it’s beautiful and we Texans thank you so much.

    Jim Ryan

  59. Anna says:

    Aloha from Dallas! Thank you for the touching song!

  60. Keagan Sohl says:

    Hi I am a 4th grader in Port Aransas Texas. I love your song, it was beautiful! I’m so glad you care about us, thank you 5b class

  61. Cayleeʻs ʻOhana says:

    Maikaʻi loa 5B fish!!! What a beautiful heartfelt song to share with those in Texas. You are all so awesome. Continue to do your great work and make a positive difference in this world.

  62. Keri's Ohana says:

    Really proud of all of you for working together to create such a beautiful song! It’s so amazing to know that so many lives you will touch. Keep sharing the spirit of Aloha!
    #OTOD #TexasStrong #5Bfish

  63. Zadyn's Ohana says:

    All of you did an amazing job singing this mele. awesome job leaders who created this as well.

  64. Beth Weilenman says:

    I am O’ahu born of native Texan parents. Hawai’i and Texas are sisters…even if they do not know it. Paniolo culture. A love of music – guitars with Latin influences; Hawai’i invented the steel guitar and Texas knows how to play it. Special ways of talking. “Y’all” and “all y’all.” “Kakou, oukou, makou, lakou.” The flag of a nation that is now a state flag. The only two independent nations to be states. Places known far and wide for hospitality. The two have much in common. And talking, tall stories and talk story, even with strangers standing in a line that isn’t moving very fast…. it is all the same.

    I live in California, with an eventual home waiting for me in Florida.

    For Hawai’i to give a mele to Texas at this time is so beautiful. Mahalo. Gracias. Thank you. A hui hou, vaya a con Dios!

  65. Talia's Ohana says:

    So proud of you all! Look at all these messages, your voices are heard throughout the world! What an impact you are making, IMUA!! I’m in awe of your talent and hearts to share your aloha with Texas and around the world. Good job Keiki!

  66. Margaret says:

    Aloha nui loa! I live in Plano, TX (far north and not affected by Howard) but used to live in Hawaii when hurricane Iwa hit. This is a BEAUTIFUL song and sung with such sweetness! I will be passing it along to all my friends.

  67. Wendy Takeguchi says:

    Aloha Class 5B,

    Mahalo for your beautiful and heartfelt mele. It warms my heart and carries a special spirit with it. I was born and raised in Aiea, Hawaii and now live in Houston, TX, where my surrounding neighborhood was highly impacted by the flooding. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. There is a long journey ahead to recovery and we greatly appreciate this thoughtful mele full of hope and aloha.

    Mahalo nui loa,
    Wendy Takeguchi on behalf of my neighborhood in Houston, TX (West University, Bellaire, Texas Medical Center areas)

  68. Rebecca Trevino says:

    Howdy from Houston,
    Deep in the heart of Texas 🙂
    Would like to thank you for the kind and thoughtful words that will bring many smiles across our state! During these devastating times
    What a wonderfully amazing song you all have created!
    Ohana forever

  69. Tito Marmol says:

    Thank You is a beautiful and happy song

  70. Tammy bond says:

    Thanks so much, it’s beautiful

  71. Rianne Masuda says:

    Hi Mrs. Ah Hee!
    This is Rianne. I hope you remember me. This blog is an amazing idea and also the song was beautiful! I’m currently in Seattle, WA studying biochemistry. I am also currently a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University! You’ve really had a positive impact on who I am today!

    • kaahhee says:

      Hi Rianne!! How can I forget a FISH! Once an Ah Hee kid, youʻre stuck w/me forever! Students will be so excited to hear from a former 5B FISH!…in college!! Thanks for commenting! So proud of you-study hard and continue to “swim strong!” Come and visit when youʻre home! Aidan says HI! Remember Spam Rice? We still make it, thanks to you!

  72. Kaiwiʻula's ʻohana says:

    To all the fish of 5B, you are amazing, inspiring and full of aloha!! Look at how many people you have touched through your mele!! Your mele has gone international, but more importantly it has reached your target audience! Congratulations on making the news in Hawaiʻi and in Houston! Let’s keep sharing it so it spreads even more!

    Mahalo nui to Mrs. Ah Hee for being such an incredible kumu and to Kumu Silva for helping you with the mele. You all are so fortunate to be blessed with such wonderful kumu!

  73. kaahhee says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I used to live in Honolulu before I moved to Ingleside, Texas. My husband was in the military and is now retired. Mahalo for thinking of us in such a special way. Your sentiments are heartfelt!


    Carmen Goodwin

  74. Carmelita Bovino Haasenritter says:

    Mahalo Kamehameha Hawaii island 5th graders for a lovely mele aloha to Texas and the world. We only lost power for three days. College Park, GA.
    1969 alum

  75. Anna Kaimālie's 'Ohana says:

    ‘Oihana maika’i, 5B! So very proud of the Haku Mele Team Leaders and the entire class for your hard work and big love that went in to creating this heartfelt expression of aloha. You’re touching hearts around the world!

  76. Stephanie Awa says:

    Maika’i Loa Class 5B. We never did anything like this when I was in the 5th grade at Kamehameha. Mahalo Nui for your haku mele. I am class of 1975 and now live in Las Vegas, NV

  77. This is soooo awesome! Keep sharing the love. Gilbert AZ

  78. Julie Cox says:

    This song brought tears to my eye, since I am from Texas but now live on the Big Island. You guys are AMAZING!!! Thank you for being a bright light in this time…

  79. Laura Kiaha says:

    Wow, nice song. Good job kids and Kumu for making this. Sharing from Adelanto,Ca.

  80. Herman Freitas says:

    Thank you for the Mele! Great! I am sharing it!

    Herman Freitas ’76’ in Kingwood TX

  81. Suzanna says:

    Awesome!! Such sweetness. I will be passing along. Thank you from San Antonio, Texas.

  82. Chris Navarro says:

    Gracias (mahalo) from San Antonio. Texas. Your kindness shines all the way over here!

  83. Harrilyn Aiwohi says:

    Aloha! And howzit from Carrollton, TX (city in the SEE metroplex)

  84. Mil Ng says:

    Aloha and thank you for showing the people of Texas your Spirit of Aloha.
    From Highlands Ranch Colorado

  85. Kim says:

    Your song is so beautiful and so beautifully sung. I hope every Harvey victim gets to hear your song. It will certainly lift their hearts. Thank you from Fischer Texas!

  86. Lisa Tam-HoyRobbins says:

    Mahalo e na keiki! I am class of 1985 and live in Newport News, Virginia which is about 30 minutes away from Williamsburg and about 1 hour from our capitol, Richmond.

  87. Samuel Britten says:

    Mahalo nui iā ʻoe from Abilene, Texas. I lived in Hawaii back the 1970’s, and went to Aliamanu JH and Radford HS. I’ve been working in the southern coastal area (Rockport / Port Aransas), and I’ll be delivering school supplies and working in the Beaumont / Port Arthur area this week. I’ll make sure that the teachers there hear your beautiful and inspiring mele so they can share it with their students. Aloha!

    • kaahhee says:

      Blessings to you! Mahalo for sharing our message of Aloha…Pls. Let Port Aransas students know we are hoping that they are able to meet goal for mobile homes. Sending much aloha to you!

  88. Jennifer Flinders says:

    I’m impressed with your creativity and desire to do something! Thanks!
    From a mom in the Sacramento, California area who has children and grandchildren in Houston

  89. Angela Barr says:

    You guys are so kind to think of us!
    Mahalo from Kingwood, TX (a suburb of Houston)

  90. Seana Moss says:

    Thanks from Kingwood, TX, one of the areas hit by Harvey. I am an elementary school librarian. I lived in Hawaii while I attended and graduated from BYUH. Your lovely video reminded me why I love HI and miss it so. I love your school projects. Thanks for your hard work and sharing your talents.

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