Hoʻomaikaʻi to the Wiwoʻole 5B FISH!

Today, haumāna at Kula Haʻahaʻa shared their passion to be servant leaders!  Our annual ʻAha ʻŌpio campaign speeches were shared with all!  Those seeking office in our student council spoke of how they envision our year to be, the exciting possibilities to build pilina as a kula, how they are willing to take on the kuleana, and to work tirelessly for others with no expectation of any return, but a fabulous school year for everyone!  Wonderful, thoughtful, articulate speeches!  So proud I am of each of our 5B wiwoʻole candidates!

The 5B FISH! Will be represented well on our ʻAha ʻŌpio council this year!  Hoʻomaikaʻi to Miss President-Lehani and our Vice President-Caylee!  Meet our Officers!

Our fearless leader!

Our 2nd in Command

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The Journey Begins…What is Our Kuleana?

The 5B FISH! Begin our Journey…to dive deeper into the meaning of Kuleana!  Yes, we all can share the definition, but how do we put our kuelana into real ACTION?  To really understand the meaning?  We start our yearlong learning of our essential question:  What is Our Kuleana? We were blessed to have Uncle Skibbs come to visit and share his manaʻo with Papa ʻElima!  He shared with us his kuleana that he learned from his kupuna…Mālama the ʻāina, our natural resources, now so keiki can see it, use it, enjoy it!

He, along with other members of Basic Image & partnership with the County & a lot of caring volunteers in the community, are working to clean the parks and beaches for everyone to enjoy!  He shared what they did to beautify many beaches on Moku o Keawe.  If youʻve taken a cruise or surfed at Honoliʻi, youʻve enjoyed the fruits of their labor which began way back in 2003! Basic Imageʻs mission is to “Spread Aloha Worldwide.” Check out the website to see more of the great things they are doing. http://www.pakalove.org/home.html

Uncle Skibbs shared with us how it was not always easy, but kept his goal in mind. (So Growth Mindset)  His manaʻo began with keiki need to “Listen to learn! Our actions will speak loudly!”  He gained a lot by listening to his kupuna.  He also said, “when you come across a problem, which you will, donʻt let anyone steal your aloha!” Find your balance and always give from the heart! He reminded us that if you expect something in return, you never gave…So true.  He continues to share his manaʻo and ʻike with keiki in classroom and at the beaches as he leads by example as he mālama numerous beaches.  The smiles & many ohana picnics he is witness to are his reward! Mahalo Uncle Skibbs for sharing your kuleana and heart with our class & our community…to make a better world for us all!  He ended with a final kahiau thought…”Do things not for the INcome-Do things for the OUTcome!”

Mahalo for sharing the aloha with Papa ʻElima Uncle Skibbs!

Kuleana is never SELFISH…it is SELFLESS! Papa ‘Elima will be soon going on huaka’i to share in the kuleana at Honoli’i to put our new learning into ACTION on Fri., Sept. 29th!  Our deep learning continues!

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Busted… with a Growth Mindset!

BUSTED (v): Being caught in the act…of something PONO!  

Dylan taking responsibility for his learning!

Aloha Ohana,   A look into our FISH!bowl….Every morning before oli, our class is full of excitement!  Our “prequel” to our day…Students are getting ready for the day, turning in homework, singing, “talking stories” with each other, preping to take on keiki alakaʻi duties, sharing with me their stories of sporting events, reading adventures, & exciting happenings in life!  Of course, the ipads come out!

Hereʻs our backstory…In class, we often discuss the blessing of having an ipad to use in our learning…but as we know, how we use it makes the difference!  Good vs. Evil discussions happen as we discuss pono use (ethical user), protecting personal info, & being safe.

Students gather, game on!  Youʻd be happy to know…the games happen in hoot math, woodamath!  Excitment levels go up… itʻs all about MATH!  Students are encouraged to use the ipad for good, to explore to learn more, to seek out ʻike, and to be innovative!

Math challenge is on!

In another section of our FISH!bowl, a small hui is forming and I hear the most beautiful sound of a piano keyboard!  I observe this happening for a few days…growth mindset!  Sticking to a passion, practice, practice, practice, sharing it with & teaching others!  This is what an ipad can do…Dylan found this keyboard to use at home, he wanted to learn his fav song, and heʻs sticking with it on his own before school starts, & continues to practice.  See his video (with our morning excitement going full steam ahead in the background)…The best learning is not always quiet in our class!

We learn, we share!

Dylan was BUSTED, taking charge of his own learning!  Love it!  Stay turned for more posts in the future of the 5B FISH! Being “BUSTED” putting what we discuss as a team into ACTION!!!  Always Swimming strong…One team…Changing the World, with ONE Heart!


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Ohana Alert for the Week of Sept. 18-22

Hereʻs the week at a glance, get out your calendars 🙂

Mon., Sept. 18-Day 1: ʻAha ʻOpio campaign speeches today @ morning piko!  Practice, practice, practice!  Swim strong 5B FISH!  So proud of everyone running for office for challenging yourself to stretch and willingness to serve.

Tues., Sept. 19-Day 2:  I will be at a K-12 meeting, Mrs. Cavenaugh will be subbing in class today.

Thurs., Sept. 21-Day 3: Pinwheels for Peace! Be on the lookout :).

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Our Inquiry Project & Writing

Our inquiry project into Hurricanes and What is Our Kuleana has evolved into great writing now!  The haumāna have been continuing to go deeper into seeking out more information on their journey to learn how natural disasters, like hurricanes impact people.  As we agree in class, knowing is not enough…how do we put our ʻike into action!  The students are now writing feature articles to share with others in our Kula.

Hereʻs a glimpse of the 5B FISH! Hard at work during Writerʻs Workshop!  They use the writing process as a guide,  as they looked at feature articles in primary sources,  drafted, revised, conferenced with teammates, revised again, edited, and finalized their newly created feature articles.  Next up, poetry writing!/

5B FISH!-Inquiry and Writing from 5BFish on Vimeo

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Our Inquiry Continues…

The students have been hard at work on their inquiry into how hurricanes impact people as we watch, read, & research the devastation it brings.  We learn with a heavy heart and send our thoughts and prayers for all who are in harms way.

As we gain ʻike through our inquiry, the students are now addressing the “NOW WHAT” question.  As we shared in previous posts, it is not enough to know…it is now imperitive to put knowledge into ACTION as we learn to be servant leaders in our global society.   The students are now recording videos, revising mele, writing feature articles on hurricanes, revising plan on offering kōkua, and will be crunching data in math, creating poetry to capture our emotional journey of our learning as well as preparing for sharing our ʻike with others.

Follow along in our hearfelt journey to change our one world, one heart at a time!  We are all kūkaukaʻi….interdependent!  The students will be sharing this with everyone at Kula Haʻahaʻa soon!  Get your I-nigma apps ready 🙂

Hereʻs our Ohana Alert for the Week of Sept. 11-15…Info at a glance

Mon., Sept. 11-Day 3: ʻAha “Ōpio campaigning begins…please follow ALL new guidelines set by Mr. Kudo.  A day of remembrance for the victims of 9/11.

Tues., Sept. 12-Day 4: Papa ʻElima will be welcoming a guest speaker in class today

Thurs., Sept. 14-Day 5: We go swimming today, don’t forget your towel and change of clothes.

Helpful Tips for Ohana:  * Scroll through our class blog to get “updates” of what is happening in class. *Check and sign planners daily, feel free to communicate with a note there,  call our class during non-instructional hours, or drop by for a visit after school if I can kōkua in anyway :). Have a great week…join us in sending your prayers for all that are in need….

*Updated 9/12/17:  Click on comments tab to read student manaʻo on our inquiry into Hurricanes and What is Our Kuleana?

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5B FISH! Dive Deeper Into Inquiry…How Hurricanes Impact People?

We are ONE WORLD…the effects of Hurricane Harvey are devastating and has not gone unnoticed by the 5B FISH! The students have been working on a problem-based  inquiry project to learn more about hurricanes and Hurricane Harvey in particular.  During class discussions and researching, in our quest to learn more, we have kept our essential question, “What is our kuleana?” In our minds.  How can we kōkua, what can we do? The students have mobilized, as they put their ʻike into action!  Students are working in teams to research Hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey, How to Haku a mele for Houston, and How do we kōkua?  Click on the video above to see how the FISH! Work to make a difference in our ONE WORLD, One heart at a time!

9/4/17:  Students, the Padlet wall is now working!  Please go to that post and complete the assignment 🙂

*Updated 9/12/17:  Click on Comments tab to see student manaʻo on our Inquiry into Hurricanes and What is Our Kuleana? 

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Ohana Alert for the Week of Sept. 5-8

Mahalo Ohana 5B for “Diving In” to our class blog.  Hoping you had a great long weekend together as you created priceless memories!  Hereʻs the latest to keep you in our “bowl” (in the loop):

Ohana Alerts are posted over the weekend to give you the heads up of what will be happening in the week.

Blog posts happen often…Ever asked your keiki “How was your day?”  “What was the most interesting thing you learned today?” “What did you struggle with or stuck with today?” And received the “fine, ok, nothing” answer….the blog can be a great conversation starters on a Day in the Life of a 5B FISH! Itʻs a great place to watch FISH! In action as many posts include videos and photos too!

Colors are a great visual cue…When you see MAGENTA on the blog, it is a call to action for haumāna.  They have something that they need to know or need to work on.  When you see BLUE, kōkua is needed from or information is important for Ohana.

Haumāna are required to check the class blog daily as they complete their daily homework for any updates or assignments :). Mahalo Ke Aliʻi Pauahi for allowing us the tools to work smarter!

Tues., Sept. 5-Day 6: IMUA week begins…Itʻs PJ Day!  Wear your pajamas to school 🙂  Students begin keiki alakaʻi duties today during our Morning Meeting!  (See previous post 🙂

Wed., Sept. 6: Ekalesia today.  Its Beach Day and OK to wear your beach attire to Ekalesia.  Kahu will be in beach duds too!  Packet are due for students who are interested in running for ʻAha ʻŌpio today.  Mr. Kudo will be sharing campaigning information with keiki as procedures have changed.

Thurs., Sept. 7-Day 1: Itʻs Sports Day!  Share your team spirit and support your favorite!

Fri., Sept. 8-Day 2:  IMUA Day!  Wear your E Ola No tshirts as we will be joining the whole campus to show our school spirit!

Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo for your continued support and partnership this year to help “our” keiki to thrive!  Please feel free to leave a comment on our class blog posts at anytime (the keiki love to hear from you) or contact me at anytime by a note in  the planner,  a phone call, or by dropping in if I can be of assistance :).  Always striving to make our class blog better, got an idea?  Would love your feedback! Happy Monday…enjoy your day!


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Holopono…To Move Forward in a Good Way!

Nā  haumāna ʻo 5B will begin a new journey soon…Holopono-to move forward in a good, moral, positive way!  As you may already know, we begin our day with Morning Meeting to continue to build pilina in our team.  Morning meeting is a way to get to know each other at a deeper level, to understand each other, to learn more about each other, & to start the day in a positive way.  In our circle, every voice is important!  The students will be taking on the kuleana of keiki alakaʻi during this time.  Hereʻs what they will be doing:

They will be working with a partner to plan, coordinate, and present a 5-10 minute lesson, activity, sharing, etc that is connected to our classroom & helps us to learn about each other and from each other.  They will end by debriefing with sharing their manaʻo on why this task was chosen for our team, how it connects to our team, and explain why it was important to be a part of it!  Wow!  Leadership skills, oratory skills, teambuilding skills, preparation skills, organization skills, planning skills, communication and collaboration skills…and most of all F-U-N!

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Students…The padlet wall has been fixed!  It is now working!  Please read the directions carefully then tap on the wall to add your manaʻo!  Please notice that you are able to include links, videos, and voice on your post to share more information.   

Made with Padlet


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