More Books Suggestions for Summer Reading

Hi ka’u I’a!

Whether you are a former 5B FISH! Visiting the class blog for ‘ol times sake or a future 5B FISH! Exploring to see what’s in store for your 5th grade year, you might like some of these suggestions from Bookopolis to keep on reading during the summer!  Books can take you on a magical journey while you enjoy lying on a beach towel on a sand filled location, passing the time while jet-setting to a fun destination, or even just from the comforts of home-while snuggled up on your couch!  Click on the link to get some suggestions! Enjoy!

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Final Look for the Year!

Ka’u I’a,

Thought you’d enjoy seeing how far you’ve come, how much you have grown throughout the years at Kula Ha’aha’a!  Here’s a flashback to your beginnings…in the Kindergarten opera!Kindergarten Piggy Opera 2012 from KSH Kula Ha’aha’a on Vimeo.

Here’s a photo courtesy of Anakala Sean at Ho’oulu Transition Ceremony last week!

As you journey on…alway remember your kuleana as a KS haumåna, a Hawaiian, and a Global Citizen filled with much aloha!  Keep looking through multiple lenses (Makawalu) & continue on the path to make our world a better place!  Go out, swim strong, and make Ke Ali’i Pauahi beam with pride for her people!  Wishing you all a fab summer, much memory making, relaxation, & fun!  A hui hou!

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What a Way to Start the Day…

Thought you’d enjoy some keiki kanikapila in the morning!  Sure brightened our day, as the students provided us with mele…for fun!Morning Greeting in mele… from 5BFish on Vimeo.

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More Millionaires and Genre Gold Members

***UPDATED on Mon., May 29th…Remember way back when in August?  When I shared that our team mission was to read 9 genres every trimester and 28 chapter books for the year…EACH?  The audible gasp was so evident, the terror, the disbelief!  Well, I am proud to report that as a team, anything can be accomplished!  Here is the data of our team effort in reading!

18 out of 24 students MET their 3rd trimester reading goals of completing 9 genres…even with Spring concert, Makawalu, & May Day!  Ho’omaika’i for ho’omau!

18 out of 24 students also EXCEEDED their ONE MILLION WORD year long reading goal by completing more than 28 chapter books of 120pgs. or more.

4 students completed MORE THAN 1.5 MILLION WORDS!  Translated into books completed, that is 42+ books each!

22 students completed 20+books this year and…

EVERYONE, all 24 read more books than they believed they could!  Way to go team!  Continue your reading journey!

These are our newest inductees into the Millionaireʻs Club!  Students who completed 28+ books this school year!. Congrats Makamae, Nalu, & Cady for your hard work, goal setting, & huge effort!  

Trimester #3 was a time with much learning going on and many celebrations too!  We celebrate the Genre Gold haumāna who kept on reading to meet their target of 9 genres!  Great job team! You did it!

As you can see…still reading!  Yay!  Continue the reading journey!  The growth mindset was truly evident this year when students were told that one million words  and 9 genres for each trimester were the target!  So many mouths dropped open in shock, but as the year winds down now…I am so happy to announce that EVERY student has grown and improved and amazed themselves!  Each were asked to set personal goals and each has read more than they imagined!  Congrats kaʻu iʻa for a job well done!  Congrats team for working together, encouraging each other, and for having the hiki no attitude!  You are all FAB!  For the future, keep your eye on the ball (your target) and ALWAYS “Swim Strong!”  Attitude and hard work pays off tenfold! 🙂

*All progressfolios will be uploaded to Google drive by May 25th so you can see student reflection on their reading accomplishments and of the year!  Mahalo to Ohana 5B for all your support in helping keiki to thrive!

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Here Comes More Millionaires!

Go TEAM Go! More Millionaires inducted into the club!  See the smiles!  Goal-setting and perseverance paying off now!  Great job to Koa, Chayden, and Kalia for keeping their eye on the target!  Ma ka hana ka ʻike…in the journey, there is knowledge!  Reading to last a lifetime…it promotes setting long-term & short-term goals, promotes a lifetime skill, builds new vocabulary, introduces a variety of genres, improves writing, boosts test scores now and in the future, teaches perseverance, allows imagination to “swim” and brings out makawalu…multiple perspectives!  More book rich students soon!

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E hana pūalu kākou…Together, We Can!

Team-Work (noun):  Cooperative or combined efforts of a group of persons working together as a team for a common cause.

The students have been working hard all year to reach their million word reading goal…as the year comes to a close, we continue to cheer on the team to hoʻomau!  Due date is Wed., May 17th.

Along the way, we celebrate the milestones as each member contributes their best for the team!  Hoʻomaikaʻi to our newest MILLIONAIRES!  See the smiles!  Great team effort! GO TEAM GO!

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Ohana Alert for the Remaining 10 Days…

Wow…we are quickly coming to a close of this school year! Can you believe, we are down to just 10 days.  Hereʻs the scoops of important happenings for the rest of the year:

Mon., May 15-Day 2:  MAP Math testing today :). Donʻt forget to eat a good breakfast!  ʻAha ʻŌpio reps have a retreat!

Wed., May 17-Day 4:  All reading genre goals AND million word goals are due today 🙂  The students have been “swimming strong” to finish strong!

Thurs., May 18-Day 5: IXL pool party for those who diligently worked hard all year long to complete the 7 skills every month!  Great job!  Hard work sure pays off!

Fri., May 19-Day 6:  ALL library books due today! Please return all books to avoid your class assignment for next year and your yearbook from being withheld!  Itʻs ALOHA wear day too!  Last one for the year! Last one at Kula Haʻahaʻa…join in 🙂

Tues., May 23-Day 2: Hoʻoulu Transition rehearsal

Wed., May 24-Day 3: Hoʻoulu Transition Ceremony at Lunalilo Hale @8:30am.  Student potluck in the afternoon…last chance for 5A and 5B to launa and build pilina with each other before :swimming” upstream to Kula Waena.  Ipad roll-in today!  All ipads will be turned in, please bring your ipad, bag, cord and block to avoid having to pay $24.95 for each item that is not returned.

Thurs., May 25-Day 4: Its birthday celebration day today at lunch!

Fri., May 26:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR KEIKI!  HAPPY SUMMER! 3RD Trimester Awards assembly today…

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Hāweo Honorees in the House!

Mahalo for a year filled with great pilina building with all our ohana!  The last Hāweo honors were held this week, as Kula Haʻahaʻa recognized the last of our super supportive ohana members!  We couldnʻt have done all that we did without your support!  Thank you!


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Mahalo 5B!

Hi 5B FISH! A me nā Ohana!

Sending out a mahalo nui for your thoughtfulness, kind words in beautiful cards, flowers, & for all the makana!  The huge keiki hugs are priceless and always warms my heart and makes my day!  Will definitely be sharing all the goodies w/my ohana!  Mahalo to Mari and Larissa for diving into our FISH!bowl today to allow me the time to launa & laugh, & enjoy a fab breakfast too! The days are numbered, but the memories will last a lifetime!  Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo to everyone!

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Keiki Alaka’i

Students have been taking leadership roles in class…especially during Morning Meeting activity time!  Here the students are tasked with creating the highest & strongest building, using only raw spaghetti, marshmallows and their ingenuity!

STEAMing Ahead in 5B! from 5BFish on Vimeo.


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