Ohana Alert: Huaka’i Update!!

Huaka Ľi in class! ūüôā

Just wanted to keep Ohana in the loop…Our huaka’i today, Wed., Feb. 21st is cancelled due to inclement weather! ¬†Safety first! ¬†We will be rescheduling our exciting huaka’i to ‘√Öina U and Kumuola lokoi’a for another time when the weather is sunny and bright! ¬†All haum√•na are safe in class…on the sunny side, we will be having a picnic lunch together today! :)…in our pod! Have a wonderful day Ohana!

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How to Protect Yourself from the Flu…

As many know, the flu is going around and many of the students are getting sick. ¬†Clorox wipes have been in hand and we Ľve been wiping down desks, chairs and anything and everything that can be sanitized in class, but our FISH! are still getting sick… Here are ways that we can protect ourselves from germs! ¬†Extended weekend coming up, we sure want to stay healthy to enjoy it!

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Diving Into Valentine’s Day with the FISH!

Love in the air! Valentine Ľs Day…Together! #OTOD

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! So much to do, so little time in the day…

Congrats to our 5B ‚ÄúFIN‚ÄĚalists Kerilyn and KŇęha Ľo for representing our class well bright and early this morning at our LamakŇę Speech Festival! ¬†Kerilyn shared that it is our kuleana to take care of the animals in our world- to keep them safe…therefore, free animals in captivity! ¬†KŇęha Ľo shared all about pets and why everyone should have one as the health benefits surely outweigh the kuleana.

KŇęha Ľo from 5BFish on Vimeo.

Kerilyn from 5BFish on Vimeo.

Talia did a fabulous job of MCing the program with just a days notice after the flu took down Leigh Ann. ¬†Mahalo for jumping in to kŇćkua a teammate!


MAHALO for all the sharing, caring, and partnering & makana…the mea Ľai was so ono, everyone loved it! ¬†Enjoy your evening!

Mahalo for the makana!

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Busted #6 & 7: FISH! Get Caught!

Teamwork, Always willing to lend a hand!

A huge catch of FISH! Today! ¬†Our day began with Reese and Kamaka putting teamwork into action. ¬†They were alaka Ľi to lead our morning meeting sharing and when Reese started a sentence and got stuck, he looked over to Kamaka & he jumped right in to finish it! We discussed how the trust level has gone up as Reese felt confident that Kamaka would lend a hand and Kamaka jumped right in to do just that! ¬†Teamwork! ¬†Hence the BUSTED! ¬†Reese for trusting his teammates and Kamaka for offering assistance!

Feel the LOVE! Share the LOVE!

Score! ¬†Caught more FISH! For the busted post when Mya walked up to me, book in hand, to share how she had this great book on her home bookshelf. ¬†She continued to share why she thought it was great and how it would be so perfect for Kerilyn! ¬†She even shared connections to a few book presentations that Kerilyn did to justify why it would be one that Kerilyn would love to read! ¬†BUSTED Mya, ¬†for really being ‚Äúpresent‚ÄĚ with her teammates to know what they would like & for offering to loan it!

Looks to me that the FISH! Are swimming strong and are putting teamwork into ACTION!  We discussed in class how everyone has grown together as a team.  The students were proudly sharing their progress of where they came from to where they are now!  So enjoying this journey as we continue the swim TOGETHER!  Welcome Trimester #3, here comes the synthesizing of all the learning so far & make it count!

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The Judges Have Voted…LamakŇę Finalist are Chosen!

Working hard & Having FUN!

Ho Ľomaika Ľi to Kerilyn and KŇęha Ľo for doing a great job of sharing ¬†your argument speeches with us! ¬†These two will be representing the 5B FISH! at the Annual Kula Ha Ľaha Ľa LamakŇę Speech Festival on Wed., Feb. 14th! ¬†They will be taking the great stage at Lunalilo Hale to share with the whole division. ¬†Speeches begin from 8:00am.

UPDATED: 2/13/18: Dive back into our FISH!bowl…watch KŇęha Ľo and Kerilyn tomorrow! ¬†Will be posting it tomorrow! ¬†

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Ohana Alert for the Weeks of Feb. 12-16 and 19-23

Mahalo to Caylee and Ohana for these beautiful plants!

Aloha mai kńĀkou! ¬† Here Ľs the information for the upcoming weeks! ¬†The 5 semi-finalist vote is in, ho Ľomaika Ľi to the following haumńĀna who have made it to the semi-finals: The Fab 5 who will represent 5B will be CAYLEE, KERILYN, LEIGH ANN, KUHA ĽO, and MIA! ¬†These students wow Ľd their classmates with their argument presentations with ‚Äúhook you in‚ÄĚ leads, great points supported by experts, shared counterpoints/rebuttals, and conclusions that brought you back to their main argument! ¬†Great job! ¬†Now, Practice, practice, practice to be ready for the judges!

Mon., Feb. 12-Rotation 1-Day 1: LamakŇę Semi-Finals today! ¬†The Fab 5 will be representing 5B and vying for the ONE spot in the finals! ¬†Flyers going home today for Red, White, & Pink day, be on the lookout for it!

Wed., Feb. 14: ¬†Red, White, & Pink Day! ¬†Wear the colors of love & show your spirit! ¬†If not participating, dress whites is a must as it is ekalesia today also. ¬†LamakŇę Finals today @ Lunalilo Hale @8:00am! Students decided to have a Valentine Ľs Day Celebration today! ¬†We humbly ask Ohana support for potluck donations. ¬†Huaka Ľi flyers going home today.

Thurs., Feb. 15-Day 3: 2nd Trimester officially ends…

Fri., Feb. 16:  FACULTY WORK DAY!  NO SCHOOL! #EnjoyExtendedWeekend!


Tues., Feb. 20: IN-SERVICE TRAINING!  NO SCHOOL!  See everyone back in class on Wed., Feb. 21st!

Wed., Feb. 21: ¬†Huaka Ľi today! ¬†Please arrive at school on time! ¬†Students will be going to  ĽńÄina University with Uncle Kawika and then heading to the lokoi Ľa as they learn and prepare for Makawalu: Ka wai Ola, Ke Kai Ola…The waters of Life! ¬†From the mountain to the sea!

Thurs., Feb. 22-Rotation 1-Day 4: Special guest Author James Rumford will be presenting & sharing mana Ľo on his books at CRBLC!

Fri., Feb. 23-Day 5:  Aloha Wear Day!  Wear those beautiful colors to school to show your aloha spirit!

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Genre Gold Latest Members…

The 5B FISH! Welcomed more members into the Genre Gold Club today at the deadline! ¬†Congrats to Dylan, Mya, & Justice! ¬†Ayvah joined the club at 2:30pm too! ¬†The final data is in…20 out of 24 students met their genre goals for trimester #2, that Ľs 83% of the class! ¬† One student…so close with 8 genres done! ¬†The students have been working as a team to make recommendations on great books, keeping track of the days together, and cheering each other on to hit reading targets together! ¬†We look forward to having everyone meet the 9 genre target in trimester #3, as well as completing 28 books each by the end of the school year! ¬†A bunch of students have already read one million words and working for two million now! #OTOD!

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5B FISH! Reading Mana’o…Past, Present, and Future

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Ohana Alert: FISH! Alaka Ľi Lead the Party Planning!

Aloha e nńĀ 5B Ohana,

Wanted to send a friendly heads up…the students will be celebrating upcoming Valentine Ľs Day on Wed., Feb. 14th! ¬†Alaka Ľi were leading the class discussion on having a potluck party today…Will keep you posted as they will be continuing the discussion tomorrow, but wanted to share initial info with you now.

It will also be red, white, & pink day! ¬†Students are allowed to dress in the colors of love on that day! ¬†BUT…if NOT participating in red, white, or pink day, they will be required to wear their dress whites as ekalesia will be happening on the same day! ¬†Flyers will be forthcoming soon! Look in those backpacks and keiki should know the scoops to share with you as our  ĽAha  ĽŇĆpio reps shared today.

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Yep, More FISH! Swim into Genre Gold Club!

This time, let Ľs hear it for the boys! ¬†Noah, Seth, and Reese just became the newest Genre Gold club members today! ¬†Congrats for continuing the swim and focusing on the target. ¬†Stay tuned as more turn gold by tomorrow Ľs deadline!

From looking at our data, the percentage of students who have met the target has gone up!  Go team Go!  Final night to hit the mark!  Last day for presentations is tomorrow!

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