Mahalo for joining us at Makawalu and for all your continued support to help “our” keiki thrive!

Here’s the week at a glance…get those calendars out!

Mon., Apr. 24~Day 6:  K-12 Math performance task begins…on Hurricane Preparedness (3 days). Library canceled, to be rescheduled by Kumu Kanani.

Tues., Apr. 25~Day 1: K-12 Math performance task continues…

Wed., Apr. 26~Day 2:  K-12 Math performance task last day :).

Thurs., Apr. 27~Day 3: Apple Instructor doing a demonstration lesson for students.  Sub in class.

Fri., Apr. 28~Day 4: Aloha Wear Day and Birthday Celebration Day!  Sub in class.

Here’s last week’s mathlethes!

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Makawalu 2017: Oceans Apart…Facing Change

The haumåna of Papa ‘Elima have been diligently working, researching, revising, meeting deadlines, and creating for months in preparation of our capstone project which showcased learning through the years at Kula Ha’aha’a.  This year’s theme, “Makawalu:  Ocean’s Apart…Facing Change,” focused on paralleling Hawaiian & US History student-selected inquiry projects during the lifetime of Kamehameha the Great! (1750-1820).  Why Makawalu?  The hawaiian word Makawalu translates to 8 eyes…being able to look at things from multiple perspectives!   Students collected information, always using multiple lenses…focusing on many points of view!

Students created “a day in the museum” exhibit with multiple forms of sharing new ‘ike (knowledge): feature articles, perspective & poetry writing, infopics, collages, picture books, videos, interactive technology, art, made games, built artifacts, fabulous time period costumes, and so much more! Each student also took into consideration their audience by differentiating interactive activities for K-2, 3-4, adult guests while sharing information from the perspective of someone from our past!  As in the movie, history came alive for the keiki in K-4, faculty and staff, & ohana as the 5th graders did 6 presentations over the course of 2 days!  Each presentation began with oli and mele…see below to be a part of the experience!  Mahalo to “Mr. Techie” Uncle Jason, Kumu Kanoe & Miss Campbell-our fabulous EAs, and most importantly…to Ohana 5B, for your consistent, unwavering aloha & support to help “our” keiki THRIVE!

Learning from our past to move into our future…using our ‘øiwi edge to ground us!  Great learning experience for our Papa ‘ALAKA’I!  You have earned the  right to lead!  Ho’omaika’i!  Enjoy the videos, Makawalu 2017: Oceans Apart…Facing Change is now in the memory books!

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Learning to Sustain Ourselves w/Aquaponics

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Ixl Champs for the Week

Great job guys! 🙂  

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Attention Students

Hi Ka’u i’a!

You again will be given time tomorrow, Thurs., April 13, to work on all things Makawalu!  So excited for you to put all the finishing touches on all your hard work…you researched, you planned, you prepared, you created, you differentiated, & now you get to celebrate all your efforts and showcase your learning for the keiki of Kula Ha’aha’a K-4, faculty and staff, your ohana, & our Po’o Kumu, Dr. Werner & even our Po’o Kula, Mrs. Naeole-Wong!  You rock ka’u i’a!

1)Your finals for US History and Hawaiian History feature articles should be completed & ready to go to print.  (Extended deadline by 3 days).  We will be printing COMPLETED ones tomorrow.  Feature article rubrics were given to you on numerous occasions and should be glued into your inquiry tablets.

2) Your artifacts/display items should be in class (due on Wed., 4/12~as stated on class calendar, class blog, planners, & daily reminders in class)

3) Techie/Interactive projects for K-2 and 3-4 should be in the revision stages and need to be finalize tomorrow in class~as over 10 hrs. Of class time given for all of this.  If you need to run off copies, glue, laminate, cut, etc. please have it ready!  I am so willing to share supplies and help you prep!

4) Your welcome green screen video should be completed and turned into a QR code for your sign.  This will be due Thurs., 4/12 also~again, many hrs. Given in class to work on all Makawalu projects.

5) Finishing touches are to be done on your costumes as ALL OF IT will be due IN CLASS on Mon., 4/17!

Looking forward to having you showcase your learning!  Great job to everyone for keeping up with your kuleana!  You did it!  **Please review previous blog posts to ensure you met all deadlines! 🙂  Remember, this is a huge endeavor and counts as grades for reading, writing, & social studies.

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Go Team Go! IXL Champs for the Week

Go Team!

Friendly reminder that 7 IXL skills are due each month and 9 genres for the trimester!  Students are still working on book presentations and reaching their million word end of the year target!  Great job to the many who have already met their goals!

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Ohana Alert for the Week of April 10-14: Makawalu is Coming!

REMINDER:  PLEASE BRING INQUIRY TABLET TO CLASS DAILY. Students will be given daily class time to work on, build, create, & finalize all projects for Makawalu, including differentiated techie projects for K-2, 2-4, ohana.   If you’d like to bring artifacts to work on in class, you will have time 🙂

Mon., Apr. 10~Day 3: Ekalesia today.  Dress whites mandatory… Students will be sharing what their artifact is and connections to essential question and costume.

Tues., Apr. 11~Day 4:

Wed., Apr. 12~Day 5: Complete finalized Artifacts due in class today…

Thurs., Apr. 13~Day 6: Spring concert tonight!

Fri., Apr. 14~NO SCHOOL! Good Friday!   Happy Easter!

HEADS UP:  All costumes due in class on MON., APR. 17th :).

5B Ohana:  In preparation for Papa ‘Elima’s Capstone project: Makawalu: Ocean’s Apart…Facing Change, please download the I-nigma app on your smart device (phones or ipad or tablets, etc.).  It is a free app in the app stores.  This will allow you the “full” experience!

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5B Does the Texas Two Step!

Hi Students,

Thought you’d love watching this video & sharing this with your ohana!  Mahalo Aunty Kathy for capturing the memories for us!

5B & Ohana 2 Step from 5BFish on Vimeo.

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Ohana Alert for Week of April 3-7

Look for Beauty All Around!

Makawalu is coming fast and furiously!  Students should be working on creating/making artifacts for their presentations.  Students should also be working on costuming at home and have it in class on Monday, April 17th :).  PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE DEADLINES BELOW.  Mahalo to ohana for helping to bring characters of the time to life!!

Mon., Apr. 3~Day3:  Students will be working on Hawaiian History revisions in class.  Music class welcomes ohana to come do the “Texas Two Step” in Specials class today 🙂  Get your dancing boots on!

Tues., Apr. 4~Day 4: Hawaiian History FINAL due today!

Wed., Apr. 5~Day 5: No library today, please return books before school, after school, or at recess.    Early Release Day…Students are pau school @ 1:30pm.  Don’t forget to make arrangements if needed 🙂

Thurs., Apr. 6~Day 6:  Students will be visiting Kula Waena (Middle School) for a preview!  Ohana, please be aware that they will be asked to sign up for elective classes next week…Forms will be date stamped, please return asap!  Sub will be in class, I have an all day meeting.

Fri., Apr. 7~Day 1: Gr. 4 & 5 Kumu have meeting, sub will be in class.


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KS HITC 2017 Tech Slam: Our EQ is Alive & Well!

What is Your Kuleana?

Dr. Emmalani Case responds…

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