Create Presentations That Don’t Suck Using Keynote

Resources from Maui Tech Slam – 10/12/15


Da Font
Download free font

Kimberly Geswein Fonts
My favorite font pairing resource

More Font Resources
My pinterest board of font resources


A Pinterest Board full of great color combinations

Image Resources

Copyright free image resources

Creative Commons
Search for creative commons licensed media.

Citing Creative Commons Images
My favorite “how to cite” CC images resource

Pinterest Board of Copyright Free Image Resources

Cute Google Slide Templates

2015-08-14_15-04-08Here’s a little Tech Tidbit about a great site called Slides Carnival.  I learned about Slides Carnival from Liz Castillo when we were collaborating on a presentation for Kukulu Kaiaulu.  She shared her Google Presentation and her slides were so cute!  Here it is:

Adorable, right?  And that’s just a taste!  Slide Carnival has many FREE templates to choose from and within those templates are sample slides and how they can be used to enhance a presentation.  For example:

This sample is from the Quince Presentation Template


This sample is from the Trinculo Presentation Template.

What’s nice is when you visit Slides Carnival and click on the template, it gives you what the template is designed for and features for the template.   The Balthasar Presentation Template, for example:

This free presentation template is specifically designed for finance and professional lectures. With its dark style and daring decoration you’ll impress your audience with your slides. Who says finance and economics have to be boring?.


  • Fully editable. Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 25 different slides
  • Finance themed design with serif typographies.
  • Graphs, icons, tables and maps
  • 16:9 screen layout (Can change to 4:3 with a click on Google Slides, but some graphic assets may not work well)

So check the cool templates Slides Carnival has to offer!

Google Classroom, OH MY!

Itʻs FINALLY here!  We get to use Google Classroom at Kamehameha Schools!  Earlier this month, Google announced Google Classroom is now available across domains.  Lucky us!  Iʻm on an as I need to know basis so I donʻt have a lot of experience with Google Classroom YET, but Iʻm teaching myself.  So why should you have to wait for me when if you want to learn on your own you can too?  Here are some great resources to get you started:

Getting Started With Google Classroom
Learn the basic steps of getting started with Google Classroom inside your district’s Google Apps for Education account

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom
By Alice Keeler

Marc Nakayamaʻs Google Classroom Resources

60 Smarter Ways to Use Google Classroom

Whatʻs your favorite Google Classroom resource?  Please share in the comments below.

#ksedtech Reimagine Classrooms Resources


Campfires in Cyberspace

EdSpaces Conference

Classroom Design Resources from Mary Wever

My Pinterest Board of Learning Space Resources

Pinterest Board of Furniture for Common Area

4Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

An Educators Guide to Design Thinking

Hillbrook School iLab

The Third Teacher

The School I’d Like

Group 70

5B Fish Blog

Classroom Cribs

Erin Klein’s Blog


Tuesday Tech Tidbit is Now Just Tech Tidbit


Who says it needs to be a Tuesday for a Tech Tidbit?  Tuesday Tech Tidbits are now just Tech Tidbits!  Since I didn’t post in April, this post is not just one tidbit, but a bunch of tech tidbitS.  And here they are:

Use Edshelf to find the perfect Tech Tool to meet your needs!  Simply visit, click on “Search for perfect tool” and use the filters on the left to find exactly what you’re looking for.  See the video below to learn how.

According to their website, is a professional social and learning network that makes it easy for anyone in the education community to connect with peers, share information and best practices, spread innovative ideas, and provide professional development.  What I like best about edweb are the awesome webinars.  They range from Digital Games & Learning: Theory & Research to Global Professional Development Opportunities for STEM Education.  The webinars are recorded so if you’re not available for the live show, watch them later.  Free professional development! is a platform for people to start a petition to create the change they want to see.  This is a great tool to empower students to get support from a global audience about something they’re passionate about and want to see changed.  Read how a 13 year old girl started a petition on to ban plastic shopping bags in her home town in Illinois.  Can you imagine what your students will change?  Why not find out?
Note – one must be 13 years old to create an account on

Are you looking for a way to organize all your online stuff?  Flipboard to the rescue!  View your Facebook feed, twitter feed, instagram feed, blogs you subscribe too, and more in a beautifully looking magazine.  Flipboard is available on moblie devices as well as on your computer.  Watch the video below by Sue Waters as she shares how she uses Flipboard to curate and share content.


Automatically Prompt Students to Make a Copy in Google Docs

Sometimes there are these little tips that change your life when it comes to efficiency.  For example I still remember the day I learned about the increase indent tool in Microsoft Word and stopped using the tab key!  Yesterday I came across one of those little tips that changed my life via Alice Keeler on Twitter.  She shared her blog post on how to prompt students to automatically make a copy from a view only document which is today’s Tuesday Tech Tidbit!

It’s SO easy!  All you have to do is remove the “edit” from the end of a document url and replace it with “copy”.  For example:

URL to shared document –

Change the “edit” to “copy” –

Here’s what your students will see when they open the link that’s been changed –

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.53.16 AM

(Notice how I increased the indent?  Increase indent tool!)

Would you like to see it in action?  Here’s a quick video:

And that’s today’s


Twitter Chats – #TTTidbit

TTTthumbnail#edchatHI is about to go down in about an hour and the topic for tonight is PD That Works.  Participating in twitter chats is one form of PD that works for me so while today is not Tuesday, this Tuesday Tech Tidbit is really encouragement to try participating in a twitter chat.

How does one participate?  It quite easy actually.  Twitter chats use a hashtag so all you have to do is follow that hashtag.  How does that work?  You could just go on twitter and search #edchatHI but there are a couple of tools that make it easy to participate.  TweetDeck and twitterfall are great for watching the stream of tweets.  Tweetchat is awesome for engaging because you don’t have to add the hashtag into your tweet which saves time.

I’m going to try to make it home to participate in #edchatHI tonight at 6:00 PM Hawaii time so stay tuned for more information on how to use the tools mentioned above.  If you missed #edchatHI, you can always check out their website for a record of the chat.

But in honor of TUESDAY, check out #GAFEchat every first and third Tuesday!  4:00 PM Hawaii time!

Google Hangouts in the Classroom #TTTidbit

Google Hangouts are a great way to connect classrooms.  Imagine your class taking with the author of a book you just read, or bringing a voyager from the Malama Honua Voyage you’re studying into your classroom.  The possibilities are endless (check out the end of this post for classroom ideas).  But what exactly is a Google Hangout and how do you even get started?

A Google Hangout, or GHO, a free video conferencing tool with up to 10 participants.  But wait, don’t think polycom, think easy way to talk with someone right from your computer, wherever you are.  No need to book a special room or pay for fancy equipment.  But it’s really WAY better than video conferencing.  You can share your screen, share a Google Doc, chat, wear a party hat, and more!  Ready to get started?  It’s Easy.  All you need is a Google Plus account.  If you’re a teacher at Kamehameha Schools, you have one.  If not, all you need is a gmail account.  Here are instructions for setting up a Google Plus Account.

Here are simple instructions for creating a Google Hangout:

  1. Hover your cursor over Home and scroll down and click on Hangouts

    CLick on hangout

  2. On the bottom right, hover your cursor over Start a Video Hangout and then click on Start a Video Hangout


  3. Invite people to attend via email by entering email addresses into the email field and click on Invite


    Or, click on change and copy the link to the hangout to share with participants


Below is an infographic that explains the meaning of the icons that are in the Hangout:


And here’s an explanation of the icons at the top of your GHO:


I’ve found the best way to collaborate on a Google Doc in GHO is to just paste the link to your document in the chat.

Now, start your Hangout and bring your conversations to life!

Educational Applications

The educational application of Google Hangouts really are limitless.  Here’s a list of some ideas but please feel free to comment on this post to share your ideas:

  • take a virtual field trip
  • invite an author into your classroom
  • connect with another class
  • broadcast a presentation (GHO on air allows for more viewers)
  • create a mystery hangout
  • bring in a guest speaker
  • Here’s a resource with ideas from multiple educators
  • Here are some great tips for using GHO in the classroom

If you’re familiar with Skype in the Classroom you are probably familiar with their robust website for connecting educators with other educators to collaborate globally.  I have not found Google Hangout website that is as good as skypes, but I did find these Google Plus Communities:


Google Hangouts in Education

Of course, if you know of some others, please add them in the comments.