The Creation Begins

Nani Ke Ao Nei Mural
by Blaine Fergerstrom

The first panel of artist Kathleen N.M. Kam’s
ahupua’a mural after the first full day of work.

KAMĀMALU PLAYGROUND, April 27, 2005 — Big Island artist Kathleen N.M. Kam began work today on a four-panel mural depicting the Native Hawaiian ahupua’a from the highest mountain peaks to the ocean shore. The mural will cover the four walls of the KES Library fronting Kamāmalu Playground.

The mural is slated to be completed by early June, 2005.

This site was created to document the progress of the mural and to highlight the achievements of the artist.

Check our photo gallery for frequent progress updates in pictures.

Artist Kathleen N.M. Kam’s explains her vision for the Kamāmalu mural.

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