Ka Loko Wai ‘Olu‘olu – Data

Panel Exploration –
Hover your arrow over a tag located by any of the numbers to access information about the various flora and fauna in the Ka Loko Wai ‘Olu‘olu panel.

To view this panel in greater detail, CLICK HERE.

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Aloha e na haumāna,

Be very careful as you choose tag number 19. It works, but it might be hidden as you touch the other numbers surrounding it.

FYI: Each tag number may or may not have a link. If you see a website address at the end of the description, then there is link to lead you to another website for the information. Other tag numbers will only have a description without a link. It just depends. Hope this helps. I looked at it on the Thinglink site, and tags appear to be working. Just remember that not all tag numbers have website links attached to it.

Mahalo, Mrs. Redona

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