Project Partners

Holoua Stender, KES-Kapālama Principal
      • 2004 – Initiated bringing a teaching/learning mural to KES after viewing the          teaching mural at the Bird Conservatory at Keauhou painted by Kathleen Kam.
      • Named the mural and each of the four panels.
      • Reviewed the text.
      • Member of the ‘Ike Hawai‘i Arts Consortium.

Mahealani Chang, Waiwai Hawai‘i Committee, Alaka‘i
      • Provided leadership for the blessing and dedication of the mural.

Ku‘ulei Vaughn
      • Instrumental in logistics and protocol for Home Ho‘ona‘auao presentations.
      • Reviewed and edited printed material for correct Hawaiian spelling and usage.
      • Developed and distributed Hi‘ilei Media Center Resource listing.

Mural Committee:  (2004) Mary Alice Woody, Monette Aweau, Christy Mishina, Rachel Lee, Moana Leong, Mahealani Chang, Kathy Chock
      • Contributed ideas, vision.
      • Location of mural.

Chelsea Keehne, Alaka‘i
      • Summer curriculum support through staff grants: (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).
      • Connection to the WEO.
      • Connection to SBCP.
      • Overarching essential question: What does our Nani Ke Ao Nei mural reveal about          our past, present, and future as Hawaiians?

Alan Takano, Tech and Graphics support
      • Posters, media, web-based resources, photo collection.

Waiwai Hawai‘i Committee
      • Staff development through Home Ho‘ona‘auao presentations; Kokua.
      • Dr. Sam Gon, head research scientist and cultural expert for Nature Conservancy.          Reviewed identification key of approximately 150 plants and animals on the mural.
      • 2008 – Sam Gon and Jack Jeffrey. Staff powerpoint presentation linking Oahu’s          microclimates to mural panels of Nani Ke Ao Nei; major concepts explained using          examples.
      • 2009 – Sam Gon Staff presentation linking mana‘o on mural to Hawaiian point of          view. Cited Kumulipo; role of Na Akua; interdependence of kanaka maoli to the land,          to the sea.
      • 2010 – Sharing by staff involved in Nani Ke Ao Nei curriculum.

Educational Support Group:
Sylvia Hussey, Alaka‘i

‘Ike Hawai‘i Arts Consortium, committee
      • 2004-2005 – Approved and funded the mural project for KES.
      • 2008 – Funded development of a CD from Sam Gon and Jack Jeffrey’s KES          powerpoint. Distributed to all KES staff.
      • Support of curriculum development for eventual distribution to other educational          venue.

      • Funded Jack Jeffrey’s presentations on Hawaiian birds and unique ecosystems to          grades 4 and 6.
      • Funded Kathleen Kam’s working with K, first, and fourth grade students on drawing          and painting techniques using the papa inoa as content.

Nature Conservancy
Sam Gon, head research scientist and cultural expert
      • Reviewed identification keys and text for mural panel posters with Jack Jeffrey.
      • Provided in-kind resources for curriculum development, ie. speaker, powerpoint          presentations, much consultation time.

Jack Jeffrey
Ornithologist, wildlife biologist
      • Involved in curriculum development from 2007 to present.
      • 2009 – Led huaka‘i to Hakalau National Forest Reserve. Small group of 2008          curriculum developers weeded, planted, and witnessed how reforestation enables the          original forest to return. Other unique experiences involved meeting a carnivorous          caterpiller, a native beetle, a nurse log with ‘ohia growth, seeing the return of “extinct”          plants and a flock of i‘iwi .
      • 2010 – Led another huaka‘i to Hakalau National Forest Reserve. Core group of          curriculum developers weeded, hiked, experienced the forest.

Paul Lucas, alaka‘i
      • Provided guidance in acquiring materials, working with outside resources.