Publishing Photos to a Flickr Group from a Mobile Device

In addition to twitter and instagram, we’ll be posting all the photos from the KS UNconference to a Flickr group.  The Flickr group is public and can be accessed here.  We encourage participants to upload both photos and video to the group.  Instructions on adding to the group from the Flickr App on your mobile device are below:

Note – Android users, this tutorial is from an iPad, but I think it may be similar on a droid.  If not, please comment.

  1. Open the Flickr App on your mobile device
  2. Photo Skitch Document1
  3. Photo Skitch Document2
  4. Photo Skitch Document3
  5. Photo Skitch Document4
  6. Photo Skitch Document5
  7. Go back to main page and select the camera to take a photo
  8. Photo Skitch Document6
  9. Photo Skitch Document7
  10. Photo Skitch Document8

That should do it!  Your Photo will be uploaded to the KS UNconference group.  I know this looks like a lot of steps, but it’s really quite easy!

If you’re a Skitch user, you probably know that’s the app that was used to edit the images above.  If you’re not a Skitch user, you should try it!  It’s an excellent image editing tool!  It even allows for annotating PDFs!

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