Seventeen More Days!

Seventeen more days to our first ever KS UNconference and boy are we getting EXCITED!  Registration is not required to attend our UNconference, but we highly encourage it.  Space is limited to 100 attendees and preference will be given to Eventbright registrants.

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Still not sure of what an UNconference is or why you’d want to attend?  Check out Why Edcamp by EdutopiaJosh Reppun shared this article with us and it’s a great read on why edcamps are trending in education (edcamp=UNconference).

A “typical” day of learning at an Edcamp doesn’t really exist. Each Edcamp is unique and based on the needs of the participants.

This is what makes edcamps and UNconferences so exciting.  Attendees decide what is going to be shared and discussed!  Check out some topics EdcampRSD6 came up with here.

While we will choose our topics on June 3 for our UNconference, if you have an idea for a topic, please use our idea board to share it!  You can also tweet your idease using #ksuncon.  Hope to see you soon!

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