Papa Hana Noʻeau

Art Vision

Papa Hana No’eau- K-2 Visual Arts Vision: Students will be able to solve problems using critical and creative thinking through innovation. They will be able to express themselves and communicate ideas visually, through observing, applying, creating, collaborating, and reflecting on their work and that of others. Students will know and appreciate the role and importance of art in the world, past, present, and future, and be able to make connections with their Hawaiian culture.

The real outcome of engaging in visual arts is to experience the process of creation. Students will develop the habits of an artist: keen observation (nana pono), to stretch and explore (hoʻāʻo), envision ideas (moemoe’a), express (hō’ike), develop craft (ho’ohana), to reflect upon one’s work and that of others’ (no’ono’o), and to learn about different Art Worlds (maopopo). Art is a process of inquiry that provides opportunities for problem solving and learning through the process of observing, questioning, exploration, and experimentation .

Haumana in kindergarten and first grade will develop and explore the areas of line, shape, color, texture, and form using the environment that is familiar to them. The students can then – through art making -translate their skills to express and communicate their ideas about their world and make connections to their Hawaiian ident it y.

Second Grade haumana will continue to expand and develop their craft using elements of line, color, shape, texture, and form using many diverse art mediums. Students will learn to extend their understanding of art concepts by using a drawing and painting app on their iPad to translate and express their ideas. Using their iPads w ill facilitate their practicing of brainstorming to plan, try out, and revise their ideas and drawings for projects. Each student will be encouraged to record some of their finished projects in a digital portfolio of students’ artwork through their classroom Seesaw app.

Seesaw app is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what’s happening in the classroom. This platform gives students a place to document their learning, be creative, and learn how to use technology. It is a digital portfolio that parents can access to view their child’s current work online. 

Everyone is an artist and can experience the creative process! Students begin their journey as an artist by practicing to create habits that promote problem solving and flexibility that will lead to successful outcomes extending beyond the classroom and into the future.


Kawahine Tokunaga