Papa Mākau Kino/Papa Mākau Ola

Our Physical Education and Olakino Vision

Students who exit KES Kapālama Papa Mākau Kino (Physical Education) and Papa Mākau Ola (Health Education) classes will have the skills and attitude necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Papa Mākau Kino and Papa Mākau Ola are an integral part of each child’s holistic development.  Both classes are aligned to develop physically literate and health conscious students. Guided through movement experiences, cognitive concepts, and real world application opportunities, students improve their health with the intent to establish the understanding that health is important both individually and collectively. The goal of Papa Mākau Kino and Papa Mākau Ola is to instill within students the attitude, skills, and concepts, which will allow them to live a life of wellness.


In Health and Physical Education class the students will be building a foundation for future testing and participating in three major concept areas listed below.

First Grade

In Health and Physical Education class the students will be building on the foundation they started in Kindergarten. Students will be working to increase their movement experiences and skill development in the three major areas listed below.

Second Grade

In Health and Physical Education class the students in second grade will continue to build on the foundations they learned in Kindergarten and First grade. Students will further develop their skills by using strategies and applying different movement combinations in game play.

Movement Concepts and Skill Development

A variety of activities will be introduced this year to increase students’ movement experiences and skill development.  These activities include specialized games, gymnastics, dance, rope jumping, ball skills, swimming and movement concepts.


Good health related physical fitness is built over time. The students will be learning and practicing fitness concepts that will help maintain and/or improve the student’s fitness level.


The major emphasis this year will be safety, good health habits, heart health, nutrition and how the body works.

Important Dates

February 2020: Kids Heart Challenge Event

Click here to take a look at our past Jump Rope for Heart event! Video by Mrs. Kutsunai!

4th Quarter:  Swimming for grade K, 1, and 2

Karson Kim