Papa ʻŌlelo a Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi

Ka Papahana Koʻikoʻi (General Course Overview):

The primary goal of the K-2 Hawaiian language and culture program is to develop the students listening and speaking skills while also building their awareness for their Hawaiian culture.   Students will practice interpersonal communication skills by participating in face-to-face interactions with classmates, teachers and visitors. They will engage in interpretive communication by following directions and commands, and by demonstrating their understanding of simple questions, everyday words and statements relating to their immediate environment, themselves or in other daily activities.  Traditional and contemporary mele, pule, oli and mo‘olelo are infused throughout the curriculum to reinforce vocabulary, phrases and concepts. Hawaiian customs and traditions are practiced with an emphasis on building cultural understanding and developing cultural protocols and awareness in a practical, functional setting.

E Ola! Nā Pahuhopu Hoʻolilo (Nā Kula Transfer Goals, K – 12 – Language) Students will independently use their learning to… 

Goal A – Apply appropriate cultural perspectives to communicate effectively in the target language in various situations.  

Goal B – Contribute to the vitality of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. 

Nā Pua Kamaha‘o

The main focus for Papa Mālaa‘o will be to develop an awareness and appreciation for their immediate environment: self, family, school, plants and animals of Hawai‘i. Their language and listening skills are developed in an immersion-style classroom environment where ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i is the primary method of communication, meaning at least % of the class is conducted in ‘ōlelo.

Nā Kama Makamae

Papa ‘Ekahi haumāna expand their knowledge base of Hawaiian words, phrases and sentences by the introduction of the puke pela. Pronunciation, intonation and spelling become the focal points throughout the year.  The infusion of the Hawaiian value system throughout the entire curriculum is vital to the development of character and self-awareness.

Ka ʻOhana Waiwai Hawaiʻi

Papa ‘Elua haumāna continue to expand their knowledge base to function in Hawaiian.  Various media is used to access multiple levels of understanding to ground their personal connections to Hawaiian culture, history, values, and spirituality, and to perpetuate indigenous ways of knowing and sharing.

Ke Aloha nō, 

Kalauʻihilani Robins, Kumu ʻŌlelo a Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi, Ka Papa Mālaaʻo ā Ka Papa ʻElua