Papa Hoʻonui i ka ʻIke — Mālaaʻo


21st Century Learner Vision

The haumāna will exit our kula haʻahaʻa as ethically proficient 

explorers, consumers and creators of knowledge who naturally integrate the Hoʻonui i ka ʻike Learning Process into all content areas. Students will also use various digital tools throughout the learning process as they develop their research skills and enhance their appreciation for literature and reading. Their entire experience will help them build a foundation for 21st-century learning and prepare them to be steward leaders in a global society.

search skills that meet the 21st Century Learner Standards. This involves learning about how the library is organized, using resources for research by taking notes, encouraging students to appreciate reading, and locating information. Students may use the OPAC to find books in our library, click here to begin a search.

Schedule and Curriculum

Students visit the library once in a six-day cycle rotation for a thirty-minute lesson and book borrowing session. Students enjoy storytime with the librarian, Mrs. Redona, and will learn more about the wonderful world of reading, inquiry, and research. 

Kindergarten Classroom Reading Goals

Rm 1 – weekly – read 3 books to their parents and 1 book read to them by parent / ʻohana member

Rm 2 – daily – read your just right book every school night

Rm 7 – daily – read each school night with someone at home

Rm 8 – daily – read their “Just Right” book every school night.

Book-It Schedule of Goals

October classroom reading goals
November 100 minutes on Kids A-Z
December classroom reading goals
January 100 minutes on Kids A-Z
February 100 minutes on Kids A-Z
March classroom reading goals


Mahalo for your support and partnership in your child’s education!

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