Papa Hoʻonui i ka ʻIke – ʻEkahi

21st Century Learner Vision

The haumāna will exit our kula haʻahaʻa as ethically proficient explorers, consumers and creators of knowledge who naturally integrate the Hoʻonui i ka ʻike Learning Process into all content areas. Students will also use various digital tools throughout the learning process as they develop their research skills and enhance their appreciation for literature and reading. Their entire experience will help them build a foundation for 21st-century learning and prepare them to be steward leaders in a global society.

Schedule and Curriculum

The first-grade students visit the library once every cycle for 60 minutes. They will learn about the elements of a story, identify nonfiction text features, experience the inquiry process, and use the iPad to create projects to show the things they have learned. They also come at another time with their classroom teacher to borrow books. The first-grade students enjoy coming to the library on their own during recess.

Classroom Reading Goals

Who?Reading GoalsWhen?
room 5read and complete logdaily
room 6read and complete logdaily
room 9read each night and complete reading logdaily
room 10read and complete 2 reading logs (front and back)daily

Book-It Schedule of Goals

Octoberclassroom reading goals
November100 minutes on Kids A-Z
Decemberclassroom reading goals
January100 minutes on Kids A-Z
February100 minutes on Kids A-Z
Marchclassroom reading goals

Mahalo for your support and partnership in your child’s education!

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