Papa ʻEpekema – ʻEkahi

How do scientists find out about things that are invisible? First graders begin their adventures in Physical Science by investigating sound. They listen and imagine. They discover new ways to make observations- to see and feel what sound can do. What could sound look like? They explore the wonder of vibration. How do people use sound? They design, create and test their own sound project to send a message.

First graders use Life and Earth Sciences to practice what they have learned about habitats. They compare the land habitat of the primary garden with aquarium water habitats they build themselves as a team. How do living things survive? What special features and special functions help them? How are land and water habitats important to an island people? This year we are lucky to continue working as citizen keiki scientists with Dr. Cory Yap of the University of Hawai’i and the Na Wai ‘Ekolu program. We will discover more about Hawaiian stream life in our lab and in field work at Manoa Stream. There are problems for our native animals because of human impact and invasive species. Some aquarium fish set free in local streams have been causing problems for the native animals and their habitat. We can help them!