Hoʻomaikaʻi to More of the FISH!…Swimming to Genre Gold!

The FISH! Keep on swimming! More of our team are meeting and exceeding the 9 genre reading goal for this trimester! This monthʻs focused value is Hoʻomau! To persevere! The FISH! Are doing just that as they continue to push themselves and prioritize their time to read. Our team goal is for everyone to meet the 9 genre reading goal. We hoʻomau together! Itʻs easy to give up on the hard things, BUT judging by the smiles, when you push yourself…it CAN BE DONE!

Friendly reminders of upcoming due dates:

Last day for book presentations~Mon., Feb. 10

Project Kahiau completion~Wed., Feb. 19 *Donʻt forget to take photos and videos as we will be working on final presentations and requirements in class.

Lamakū Persuasive Speech final ~ Wed., Feb. 12 *We are currently working on researching our self-selected topics to begin rough draft writing in class. Rubrics for writing already handed out to students and speech rubric will be shared in class on Tues., Jan. 28th.

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