Final Ohana Alert for School Year 17-18!

#OTOD! Keep the Dream ALIVE! Together!

This is the final Ohana Alert for the school year…I end with the same way we began our journey!  MAHALO! MAHALO! MAHALO! For all your support through the year!  We couldnʻt have done the learning, the laughter, the loving without your aloha and huge support!

Hereʻs an update on the reading goals for Trimester #3 as well as the ONE MILLION WORD goal for the year!  You will love the effort and hard-work that each iʻa has put into keeping their eye on the target and finishing the year off STRONG!  I have heard many stories about their reading journey together this year.  Words from the haumāna themselves…See how the “I Gotta evolved into the I Wanna!”

“I hated reading, now I know that Iʻve been making poor book selection choices and I now know characteristics that I like now…so I like reading now!”

“I thought you were crazy Mrs. Ah Hee when you said we needed to read one million words this year, I thought no way, but I did it! I can be a great reader!”

“Whatʻs a genre…is that fiction or non-fiction? I always loved reading fantasy books, that was the only thing I read, but now I love historical fiction.” “I didnʻt know there were so many different genres, I tell my ohana all about it!”

“My ohana helped me by planning out my genres for the trimester to meet my goal!  They told me that they think reading is so important , its a life skill!”

”My Mom needs to tell me to go to sleep! I tell her just a little bit more! Sometimes, I just want to know how the story ends!!  It takes me on so many journeys!”

A comment I received from an ohana member…”Thank you so much for first requiring that my child read then, for insisting he read from different genres….I love seeing him constantly reading-even during his free time!”  “He chooses to read often now!”

22 out of 23 FISH! MET their Genre reading goal of 9 genres!  Thatʻs 96% of the class.

21 out of 23 FISH! MET the year-long ONE MILLION WORD reading challenge by reading 28+ books this 5th grade year!  Thatʻs 91% of the class!  What a way to finish strong huh?! One student was at 1.9 million words!

Team of Readers! Check out the data!

Mon., May 21-Rotation 2-Day 2: Have all ipads and chargers (cord/block) in class TODAY!  Please have your ipads fully charged as we will be working on progressfolios and reflecting on Tri #3 and the year together!

Wed., May 23: Hoʻoulu Ceremony today @ 8:30am at Lunalilo Hale.  Mr. Kudo will be arranging the 1 ohana member who will be presenting lei ʻāina to students in order.  Please be mindful that this is a cultural right of passage ceremony and NOT graduation.

Thurs., May 24:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Trimester Assembly @8:00 @ Keaka Playcourt. It will be an E Ola No t-shirt day and jeans!  Birthday celebration today also for our May babies! Students only will be participating in mini carnival for trimester end today too!

HAPPY SUMMER…Enjoy your ohana time making wonderful memories together…E hana pūalu kākou!  Together, We Can!  Sincerest mahalo for a fabulous year!

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