Hey FISH!!

Aloha ka’u I’a!

Here at NCTM math conference in Washington DC! Learning lots about math with a bunch of KSH Kumu! We are just a few in the approx. 10,000+ peeps from all over the world!  As I learn more about math, been learning about our nationʻs history also…join me as I take you on a tour!  Iʻll be adding more photos to this post as I take them!  Check this post often for updates, changes, & to journey with me as I make my way around this wahi pana of DC!

Time to “dive deeper” into this wahi pana!  1)Behind me, you see a cherry blossom tree!  Why?  How did it get to DC? Post a comment to the blog to share your manaʻo (no guessing, share some facts) in sentences.  Donʻt forget to share what question you are posting manaʻo on!  Feel free to connect to each other in your posts also!


2) Look at this photo closely…where am I?  No, the answer is NOT Washington, DC…be specific-where in DC and why is it important? *Hint, look at where Iʻm standing, what do you think I was trying to capture…HINT: the scale of the picture should offer you a clue of what to look for!


3) Whatʻs that monument in the background?  Share facts on it! 🙂

4) Where am I now?  Share some past and present facts about what I am looking at.


#4 Zoomed In

5) Look very closely at the statue…Who is that?  Why is he important to our history?  Hint:  Look at all parts of the statue!


Stay tuned…more posts soon!

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