Meet Papa Alakaʻi…Our Journey to Leadership


#OTOD…One Team, One Dream!  Beginning on the first day of school, as 5th graders, we spoke of the importance of teamwork…What is a team?  What makes a good team?  What does each member contribute?  Who leads? Who follows?  When?  Does age make us alakaʻi?  How do we collaborate?  Cooperate?  Innovate? How do we allow everyone a voice?  How do we serve?  What is our kuleana?  So many questions emerged as we voyaged on into the year to become one team!  As each new question and challenge was posed, the 5B FISH! hoʻomauʻd to learn, to seek the answers, worked together, all the while keeping in mind that “real” aloha was so important!  Culturally, alakaʻi status is earned!  It “fueled” us to push to new heights!

As the FISH! grew as a team, I witnessed  wonderful learning & a team on the verge of greatness…from students sharing at morning meeting-to leading it (FYI…I get tons of emails nightly from students sharing links, photos, moʻolelo, etc & explaining why its important that they share it w/the team), being FISH!mates to learn each other at a “deep dive” level, to jumping in to share manaʻo to help a teammate understand during math, and even sending email reminders to complete homework to each other!  Iʻve seen team cheering as a member hits a genre goal, saw students “catch” themselves to share aloha instead of steal aloha, saw students “own” poor choices, but have a plan to make better ones, & listened as they reflected on how far theyʻve come since August…as individuals, for the team!  I am blessed to see them share the support, the encouragement, the hugs, the laughter, & the love…Click on the videos (so many pics that documented the journey so far, it didnʻt fit in one) to see how the 5B FISH! have worked together, to truly become one team! I proudly introduce you to Papa ʻAlakaʻi…learning from our past, working hard in our present, to one day lead our world by sharing ALOHA in our future! E hana pūalu kākou!  Yes, Together, We CAN!  “Dive back into our FISH!bowl” as we continue to swim strong to the end of the year!  #OTOD!



Our Journey to Papa Alakaʻi II from 5BFish on Vimeo.

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