Rain, Rain, Go Away! Come Again, Another Day??!

Hey Hey Ka’u I’a,

Have been hearing how you’ve been spending spring break from some of you!  From trips to get more Makawalu information to reading extra, to just relaxing!  Thanks for the emails FISH!

When it rains, it pours!  Wow!  Bet we’re breaking records for rainfall this month!  Yikes, spring break has been raining tremendously…no beach days, no sunshine, and no shaved ice since its been super cold! Great time to catch up on the following if you are bored of being stuck in the house…1) Read, it’ll take you on a journey & prepare for presentations 2) Collect more facts for your Makawalu project to be ready to revise 3) Collect item cost and measurement for Hurricane Preparedness Kit as assessment is on the day we return to school 4) Work on finalizing your ideas for your costume for Makawalu w/Ohana. 5) Be creative…work on artifacts that connect to your topic for Makawalu :).   LOL, you can only play so much video games or watch so much YouTube, right?!  Enjoy the remaining days of spring break ka’u i’a….more ☔ on the way! May include ⛈ too!  Be safe and see you all on Tuesday! 

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