Ohana Alert for the Month of March

The 5B FISH! Are Ready!   They will be working hard both in and out of class…Makawalu 2018 is coming!  The students will be working on a number of projects simulateously.  We have been discussing this in class and have begun the work already.  The students should be fact collecting and doing research on their self-selected inquiry projects.  Students should be able to share with you their essential question and have a multitude of facts already documented.  Fact collections on topics should be an ongoing daily event both in and out of class! All actual writing will be done in class.  Mahalo for the support of keiki (and reminders)  at home as they plan and prepare for this elementary teaching and learning event! Time to synthesize all the learning in class and on huakaʻi to create Makawalu 2018: Ka Wai Ola, Ke Kai Ola…The Waters of Life!

They will also be working on Tri-Campus Math Performance Assessment by comparing and collecting cost & measurements of items for their Hurricane Preparedness Kits.  Each student has already researched items they feel are necessary for their personal kits and should have worksheet with an item list.  Mahalo for your assistance of planning a time when students can collect info at stores.  DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ITEMS!  Completed worksheet with cost & measurement due in class on Tues., Mar. 27, as assessment begins on this day. 

Mahalo to Ohana 5B for joining us for SLC!  The students did a wonderful job of showcasing their strengths and areas to continue to work in their learning.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns that I could offer assistance!  

Mon., Mar.12-Rotation 2-Day 6:  Students will be discussing costuming for Makawalu event today.  They will be coming home with a draft to share and collaborate with you!  Costumes will need to be in class on Fri., April 12th.

Tues., Mar. 13-Rotation 1-Day 1: Students will begin brainstorming ideas on artifacts that could be a part of their exhibit for Makawalu.  They should be able to share with you some ideas and final ideas will be submitted in early April.

Wed., Mar. 14: 2nd Trimester Celebration today @7:45am @ Lunalilo Hale.   Sidewalk Chalk Day today…Students, please wear jeans and your E Ola No t-shirts.

Thurs., Mar. 15:  All Facts in class today!  Do not forget it at home 🙂

Fri., Mar. 16-Day 3: Students will be attending High School Hoʻike performance today.

Mar. 19-26:  SPRING BREAK & KUHIO DAY!  Donʻt forget to have your hurricane preparedness kit information collected!  

Tues., Mar. 27-Rotation 1: Day 4:  Students must have Hurricane Preparedness Kit info worksheet in class today.  Our High School Dual Credit students will be observing and learning in our class today.

Wed., Mar. 28:  Easter Ekalesia today…Dress whites mandatory.  Just a gentle reminder to review uniform requirements for Ekalesia days as well as regular school days.  Please pay close attention to belt & sock requirements to avoid uniform write ups.

Thurs., Mar. 29-Day 5: Aloha Wear Day and Birthday Celebration for our Feb. Babies!


Mon., April 2-Rotation 1: Day 6:  Our Headmaster, Mrs. Naeole-Wong, will be in class today to share her manaʻo on our essential question: “What is Your Kuleana?” From an education perspective!  Donation of Lei is welcomed.

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