In the Neighborhood…of the Superbowl!

Photo sent by Adam @ Flipgrid!

Hey kaʻu Iʻa a me nā Ohana 5B!

Thought youʻd like to check out the Minneapolis, Minnesota neighborhood…Home of Superbowl 2018!  This is a shot, from a skyway 3 blocks away from the stadium, of just that from our friend Adam from Flipgrid!  Get out your jackets….just hearing about the 3 degree temperature there makes me shiver!  Canʻt be there in person, but we can virtually “fly like an eagle” to check it out through friends there! Can you tell who Iʻll be cheering on?

UPDATED: After the Eagles became the LII Super Bowl Champions… Loved what the Coach Peterson said, “An individual can make a difference, but a TEAM can make a MIRACLE!”  5B…#OTOD, Miracles here we come!

Another pic from Adam, press peeps everywhere @ ESPN!

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