Genre Gold Club Growing!

Genre Gold Club Members Diving into a Great Book!

The FISH!mates have been swimming strong to the finish…the end of Trimester #2 that is!  The students have been reading like crazy!  They have been stretching themselves to select books from genres that are outside of their comfort zones and have been finding that they like it.  Iʻve been hearing a lot of, “I didnʻt think Iʻd like this genre, but itʻs now  one of my favorites,” “I tried something new and I like it!”  Iʻve also been hearing students share great recommendations of books with each other and witnessed great books being passed around!  Students have also been emailing me at night to give me updates on their book!  They share the exciting parts happening, they share thoughts on what they wished the author had done, they tell me about how the book connects to an ʻolelo noeʻau we discuss in class, & how the character exemplifies a certain hawaiian value!  Books take us on adventures, allows us to travel to far away places, back in time, or even fantasy lands. It allows us to make connections to other books, to ourselves, our team, and helps us to understand the perspectives of others!

E hana pūala kakōu! Smiles All Around!

Congrats to these students who have worked hard, with their eye on the goal…You made the GENRE GOLD club!  (2 weeks ahead of the due date!).   Many more are so close, keep on reading!  Wow, it sure makes my day to see students get excited about books! Continue to pick up a good book!  Dive back into our blog to see more FISH! who turn golden and join the Genre Gold Club!

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