Connecting Our Class to Flipgrid to the World!

The 5B students had a Google Hangout with Adam from Flipgrid and learned all about how their team contributed toward a common goal.  We discuss how they operated!  Our work was not done after the hangout, the students then put their newfound ʻike (knowledge) into action by connecting it to our team and how we operate in 5B towards a common goal too!  How does Flipgrid and our class now connect to our world and what we want to see in our future? We discussed, we documented, we sketchnoted and captured our manaʻo nui (Big Ideas).  Click on the video to see student perspective on what is important to “Change our One World, One Heart at a Time!”  Ma ka hana ka ʻike…In the Journey, there is knowledge! #OTOD

“I Mana Leo…Let Your Voice Be Heard!”

UPDATED ON 12/12/17:  See an email I recʻd today from Adam Goldberg!  Yes, kaʻu Iʻa…your voice was heard, you can make a difference in our world! 

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