I Mana Leo…Let Your Voice Be Heard!

A 5B FISH! Shaka Kalikimaka to All!

Today, the 5B FISH! had the opportunity to do a Hangout and learn from Adam Goldberg, from Flipgrid!  Wow, what an experience!  Flipgrid was born out of a need!  (Problem-Based Learning).  An issue that a College Professor faced- he wanted to be able to communicate w/his students while travelling, but there was nothing like it.  He decided to create it!   After countless hours and over 1,000 attempts, we have the Flipgrid we use now! “A way for the world to be able to let their voices be heard.”  We quickly made the connection of that moʻolelo (story) to us here at Kamehameha Schools-Hawaiʻi with the olelo noeʻau (Ancient Wise Hawaiian saying) I mana leo…let your voice be heard! When students shared that w/Adam, he practiced his olelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) and said it perfectly!  We were impressed & students were so happy that he even wrote it down!  They commented, “We can make a difference in our world, we can share our language & culture!”

Students asked questions in rapid-fire fashion and Adam took the time to answer each thoughtfully!  Adam generously shared a bit about himself, his schooling-how he “inspired” others with his ideas often (he got some laughs when he said that meant he always blurted out in class), and how in college he was able to focus his studies on subjects of his passion.  He shared how Flipgrid employs a number of designers, engineers, quality assurance peeps…all working as a team to make it great!  He said that if there is a problem, everyone jumps in to solve it.  Its not one personʻs issue, itʻs everyones!  They all bring their area of expertise to the table to kōkua (help).  Again, more connections for us…TEAMWORK!  All heads in to solve together!

Team Flipgridʻs mission is “Simplicity, not Complexity” and “to amplify the voices of all.”  Equal voice…Again, we made class connections! Questions kept flying, answers kept coming…What program do you use to continue developing Flipgrid? How do you keep your app safe? Students found out that adobe was used and cool fact, Flipgrid actually employs hackers to “try” to hack in.  What? Thatʻs right, they learn how to protect themselves that way.  He said it was a win-win situation, where they can learn how to protect themselves without really being hacked!  Keiki loved that one! That led to students sharing suggestions for improvement & what theyʻd like to see included in the app.  A thought:  add a SHAKA emoji, Pleaseee! 🤙🏻

Teaching Adam to share aloha…SHAKA!

We concluded by asking Adam to address our class essential question “What is Your kuleana (responsiblity)?  Flipgrid feels their responsibility is to allow people of the world an equal voice.  He reminded us that they learned a lot more from their failures than they would have by getting it “right” the 1st time! We too, believe in having a growth mindset.  We learned so much, much more in 40 mins.  Student alakaʻi (leaders)  led a debrief session after, see below of their learning.  Mahalo to Adam and Flipgrid for making our day and so generously sharing the knowledge with all of us!  Great role models for our keiki!

Manaʻo Nui (Big Ideas):  1) Keep it simple 2) Teamwork is important 3) Have a growth mindset as you learn from failures 4) Share ALOHA w/the world!  Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai…Share love, and love returns!  If you havenʻt tried Flipgrid, try it…”Let your voice be heard”.  We can change our world, one heart at a time!

Our Journey Continues…

We Learn…We Share!

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