Important Upcoming Deadlines!

Aloha e nā Haumāna,

Keep your eye on the target & accomplish your mission!  As we discussed in class today, these are important deadlines that you need to remember!  Please use class time wisely…as a lot of discussions have been done & time given to work towards completing these assignments.

Thurs., Nov. 30: Your Project Kahiau Timeline is due.  Turn in the 5Wʻs and how with dates of when you will be executing each step of this project.  For Genius Hour Inquiry Project:  You should have at least 4 urls from reputable sites, a minimum of 75 facts collected on your self-selected topic that addresses your essential question. (A lot of hours were already given in class to work on this & assigned as homework on multiple days)

Mon., Dec. 4:  Your Genius Hour Inquiry Project final is due today.

Fri., Dec. 15:  Your Project Kahiau FINAL video presentation is due.  This should include your planning, preparation, and you actually doing and completing your project.

Mon., Feb. 18:  Your FINAL personal narrative writing on Project Kahiau due.

You will have a lot more time given in class to work on these huge projects.  Please refer to your notes from our class discussion to double check all the requirements for each.  No extensions of deadlines will be offered for any of the above assignments, please meet all due dates!  Hiki no!

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