Makahiki 2017…5B Style

Hereʻs some information from KS Kaʻiwakīloumoku website…

“The rising of Makaliʻi (the constellation Pleiades) at sunset marks the beginning of the Hawaiian new year, known as Makahiki. Makahiki usally begins mid-November and ends in late January or February, aligning with the rainy season. It is a time set aside for tribute, harvest, sport, and play.
The word makahiki can refer to a time of celebration, the ceremonies and activities observed during this particular time of year, or a complete calendar year. Traditionally for Hawaiians, our calendar year is divided into two seasons, Kau (the dry season) and Hoʻoilo (the wet season). The month of ʻIkuā, which means “noisy,” usually begins in September or October. This month is characterized by roaring surf, thunderstorms, and rain. This boisterous personality of ʻIkuā signaled the approach of Makahiki.
The roughly four-month period of Makahiki was a time of peace and plenty, relaxation and games, and for harvest. It was also a time to honor the god Lono, one of the four major gods recognized not only here in Hawaiʻi, but throughout the Pacific. His domain includes fertility, agriculture, and peace. During Makahiki, the qualities of Lono were celebrated by feasting, competing in sport and games, hula and storytelling. War between the aliʻi was forbidden. Some of the games that were enjoyed are: heihei kūkini (racing), mokomoko (boxing), hākōkō (a wrestling style similar to sumo), pūhenehene (a skilled-game of deception), and kōnane (a board game most resembling chess).”

Makahiki also signifies a time of rest and rejuvenation for both the land and the people. This period served as an opportunity to both fortify existing bonds and forge new relationships. With the holiday season fast approaching, we can all appreciate the necessity of setting aside time to regroup as a family and strengthen connections.”

The 5B FISH! Participated in Makahiki games today…building pilina with each other and Papa ʻEkolu buddies!  Click on the video to take part in the festivities! Playing with Voice Recorder Pro app…you can listen in as haumāna oli!


Makahiki 2017 w/the 5B FISH! from 5BFish on Vimeo.

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