Did You Wonder?

Did you ever wonder about some of the widgets that you see on the side of our class blog?  One of those widgets have flowered numbers and another is our world.  Each of these share information!  The numbers share how many times a person has visited our class blog and the world shares from where.  Spin the world, it rotates!  The red dots indicates the location of people who have visited our class blog!  People from all over our world have come to see what the 5B FISH! are up to!  How cool is that!  Hoping for a hit from Antarctica!  :). You may also be thinking, “Hey Mrs. Ah Hee, the numbers donʻt match!  Why?  So observant of you!  A few years ago, I added the world counter and could not reset the number to match our original one!  So we began from 1…well worth starting over, as it allowed us to see where people who visit our class blog come from!  What a surprise, from the world!

Our class blog, which began as a way to share with our 5B Ohana the learning in our FISH!bowl, has been a site that interests others.  It has  almost 100,000 hits!   With haʻahaʻa, we share our learning in an ethical way with the world!  E hana pūalu kākou…Together, We Can!  Letʻs make a positive difference in our world together!  Always use technology and the internet in positive ways!  For good and not evil!  Be careful, be thoughtful, and be PONO!  You never know who will be “diving” in!

**UPDATE – Nov. 3rd:  6 digits!  Yes, the 5B FISH! Class blog officially hit the 100,000 mark!  I received many emails last night and a whole lot of excitement from the students as they tracked the many visitors!  Mahalo to everyone who “dives” in to see what the FISH! Are up to!  We Learn, We Share….Together, We Can…make our world a better place, one heart at a time!  With Haʻahaʻa…MAHALO! 

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