New Inductees…Into the Genre Gold Club!

The students have been working hard all trimester long and keeping their eye on the target…hitting 9 genres!  Weʻve been discussing in class book selection, genre selection, collecting data on how many pages we can read in 30 mins. and projecting how many books we can complete in our timeline.  Hoʻomaikaʻi to the students who hit GENRE GOLD in trimester #1!  Keep on Swimming!

Genre Gold Inductees!

Many were super close to meeting their targets!  They assure me that they will push harder, strategize harder, and met their goals for this Tri.  Look forward to see more Gold Club member for tri #2!  Here are the requirements for Tri#2:  9 genres required, book presentations should be presented like a commercial to encourage others to read the book, and have a growth mindset!  Presentations should share a brief summary, manaʻo nui with proof/evidence and a connection to a Hawaiian value and/or an olelo noeʻau with an explanation.  The students also collect beautiful language and translate 2 of the 10 words into olelo Hawaiʻi!  :).

Students have been sharing reading manaʻo with me…”I like reading a lot more now,” “I never thought Iʻd like any other genre, but now I do!” “I amaze myself, I never read this much books before!”  How cool is that!  Keep on reading, keep on diving into great books, and always swim strong!  Remember, our year long goal is to read 1,000,000 words! Hiki no!

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