5B FISH Learn How to Jazz Up Keynote!

Ever sat in a presentation or meeting where someone shared a keynote?  Did you groan, oh no…not another one?  The FISH! were so privileged today.  We got to learn from Apple Professional Learning Senior Specialist, Sherri Clemens.  Wow, APPLE in the house!  Or should we say, in the class!

Aunty Sherri shared how to jazz up how we use keynote more effectively, to use it as an effective tool  as we “dive deeper” into inquiry, and make animation that moved across the screen…she sure got the oohs and the aahs!  Not boring anymore!

Mahalo Aunty Sherri for inspiring us to “up our game” while using keynote, Pages, Numbers and sharing tips and tricks!  We look forward to you joining us again in a few months!  Every good deed, deserves another…we taught Aunty Sherri how to be a local…flash the shaka!  Much Learning, Much Smiles, and always…Much FUN! Hauʻoli lā hānau Aunty Sherri, honored to have you celebrate your special day with us!

Apple in the House!

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