Inquiry into Hurricanes: 5B Send a Message of Aloha to Texas…Through Mele

Aloha e nå Ohana Kamehameha (Kamehameha Families) a me nå Ohana Honua (Our World Family),

If you are reading this…we Mahalo (thank) you in advance for your køkua (help) to share our message with the people of the great state of Texas.  Please pass our CLASS BLOG link on!

The haumåna (students) in Papa ‘Elima (Gr. 5) have been diving deep in our essential question:  What is Our Kuleana? What is Our Responsibility ~ As Kamehameha Schools-Hawai’i students, As Hawaiians, and As Global-Citizens…

Our inquiry project began as wanting to know more about Hurricanes, as we solemnly watched with heavy hearts, as parts of our nation and our world were impacted by these destructive natural disasters.  We researched to collect information, we collaborated to share new knowledge with one another…all the while our essential question resonated deep in our na’au…What is Our Kuleana?  What can we do to køkua (help)? Our class agreed that new knowledge and knowing was NOT enough, we needed to put it into action!

The 5B team quickly mobilized to make a difference.  Small teams worked on posters to inform others in our school about Hurricanes, how to prepare & be safe if a hurricane is imminent, how Hurricane Harvey has impacted our World, drew inspiration from how People were helping People and the nationwide fundraising efforts by many, and wondered how 5th graders with no paying jobs could help too!

The team decided that we could share information with our individual Ohana (families) on how to make monetary donations to help, BUT together, we could send our message to the people of Texas…through mele (song).  This is an original mele created by students in 5B after much inquiry & discussion on: What goes into a mele? How did our ancestors haku mele (composed songs) and why?, Who are the people of Texas?  What makes Texans unique?  What is the culture of Texas?…and finally, What is our collective message filled with our collaborative voices/feelings did we want to send to everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We care…You Matter!

We send you, the people of Texas, our message of perseverance, hope, and ALOHA…

“E Hana Püalu Kåkou” ~Together, We Can…

Change Our World, One Heart at a Time!

A Mahalo nui to Kumu Silva (singing with class) for collaborating with us, sharing mana’o, helping with ‘olelo Hawai’i to haku mele and for fine tuning our ukulele skills every step of the way.  Mahalo to Uncle Jason for being a part of our journey of learning & for providing your super hero techie talents!  Mahalo to Mrs. Debus for sharing your ideas and offering support to stretch our thinking.  We are truly blessed with TEAMWORK at Kula Ha’aha’a!

In closing, we are kükauka’i (interdependent), we are people of ONE world, go out and make a positive difference in it!

Let MALUHIA (Peace), MANA’OLANA (Hope), and ALOHA (love) fill you!

 Imua Kamehameha! Imua All!

…Our journey continues…

Please post a comment for us and share your wahi pana (where you come from), students are using this in a lesson on how social media works.

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