Busted… with a Growth Mindset!

BUSTED (v): Being caught in the act…of something PONO!  

Dylan taking responsibility for his learning!

Aloha Ohana,   A look into our FISH!bowl….Every morning before oli, our class is full of excitement!  Our “prequel” to our day…Students are getting ready for the day, turning in homework, singing, “talking stories” with each other, preping to take on keiki alakaʻi duties, sharing with me their stories of sporting events, reading adventures, & exciting happenings in life!  Of course, the ipads come out!

Hereʻs our backstory…In class, we often discuss the blessing of having an ipad to use in our learning…but as we know, how we use it makes the difference!  Good vs. Evil discussions happen as we discuss pono use (ethical user), protecting personal info, & being safe.

Students gather, game on!  Youʻd be happy to know…the games happen in hoot math, woodamath!  Excitment levels go up… itʻs all about MATH!  Students are encouraged to use the ipad for good, to explore to learn more, to seek out ʻike, and to be innovative!

Math challenge is on!

In another section of our FISH!bowl, a small hui is forming and I hear the most beautiful sound of a piano keyboard!  I observe this happening for a few days…growth mindset!  Sticking to a passion, practice, practice, practice, sharing it with & teaching others!  This is what an ipad can do…Dylan found this keyboard to use at home, he wanted to learn his fav song, and heʻs sticking with it on his own before school starts, & continues to practice.  See his video (with our morning excitement going full steam ahead in the background)…The best learning is not always quiet in our class!

We learn, we share!

Dylan was BUSTED, taking charge of his own learning!  Love it!  Stay turned for more posts in the future of the 5B FISH! Being “BUSTED” putting what we discuss as a team into ACTION!!!  Always Swimming strong…One team…Changing the World, with ONE Heart!


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