Ohana Alert for the Week of Sept. 5-8

Mahalo Ohana 5B for “Diving In” to our class blog.  Hoping you had a great long weekend together as you created priceless memories!  Hereʻs the latest to keep you in our “bowl” (in the loop):

Ohana Alerts are posted over the weekend to give you the heads up of what will be happening in the week.

Blog posts happen often…Ever asked your keiki “How was your day?”  “What was the most interesting thing you learned today?” “What did you struggle with or stuck with today?” And received the “fine, ok, nothing” answer….the blog can be a great conversation starters on a Day in the Life of a 5B FISH! Itʻs a great place to watch FISH! In action as many posts include videos and photos too!

Colors are a great visual cue…When you see MAGENTA on the blog, it is a call to action for haumāna.  They have something that they need to know or need to work on.  When you see BLUE, kōkua is needed from or information is important for Ohana.

Haumāna are required to check the class blog daily as they complete their daily homework for any updates or assignments :). Mahalo Ke Aliʻi Pauahi for allowing us the tools to work smarter!

Tues., Sept. 5-Day 6: IMUA week begins…Itʻs PJ Day!  Wear your pajamas to school 🙂  Students begin keiki alakaʻi duties today during our Morning Meeting!  (See previous post 🙂

Wed., Sept. 6: Ekalesia today.  Its Beach Day and OK to wear your beach attire to Ekalesia.  Kahu will be in beach duds too!  Packet are due for students who are interested in running for ʻAha ʻŌpio today.  Mr. Kudo will be sharing campaigning information with keiki as procedures have changed.

Thurs., Sept. 7-Day 1: Itʻs Sports Day!  Share your team spirit and support your favorite!

Fri., Sept. 8-Day 2:  IMUA Day!  Wear your E Ola No tshirts as we will be joining the whole campus to show our school spirit!

Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo for your continued support and partnership this year to help “our” keiki to thrive!  Please feel free to leave a comment on our class blog posts at anytime (the keiki love to hear from you) or contact me at anytime by a note in  the planner,  a phone call, or by dropping in if I can be of assistance :).  Always striving to make our class blog better, got an idea?  Would love your feedback! Happy Monday…enjoy your day!


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