Attention Students

Hi Ka’u i’a!

You again will be given time tomorrow, Thurs., April 13, to work on all things Makawalu!  So excited for you to put all the finishing touches on all your hard work…you researched, you planned, you prepared, you created, you differentiated, & now you get to celebrate all your efforts and showcase your learning for the keiki of Kula Ha’aha’a K-4, faculty and staff, your ohana, & our Po’o Kumu, Dr. Werner & even our Po’o Kula, Mrs. Naeole-Wong!  You rock ka’u i’a!

1)Your finals for US History and Hawaiian History feature articles should be completed & ready to go to print.  (Extended deadline by 3 days).  We will be printing COMPLETED ones tomorrow.  Feature article rubrics were given to you on numerous occasions and should be glued into your inquiry tablets.

2) Your artifacts/display items should be in class (due on Wed., 4/12~as stated on class calendar, class blog, planners, & daily reminders in class)

3) Techie/Interactive projects for K-2 and 3-4 should be in the revision stages and need to be finalize tomorrow in class~as over 10 hrs. Of class time given for all of this.  If you need to run off copies, glue, laminate, cut, etc. please have it ready!  I am so willing to share supplies and help you prep!

4) Your welcome green screen video should be completed and turned into a QR code for your sign.  This will be due Thurs., 4/12 also~again, many hrs. Given in class to work on all Makawalu projects.

5) Finishing touches are to be done on your costumes as ALL OF IT will be due IN CLASS on Mon., 4/17!

Looking forward to having you showcase your learning!  Great job to everyone for keeping up with your kuleana!  You did it!  **Please review previous blog posts to ensure you met all deadlines! 🙂  Remember, this is a huge endeavor and counts as grades for reading, writing, & social studies.

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