Ohana Alert for the Week of Mar.13-17

Aloha e nå Ohana,

Mahalo for the kåkou effort to make Student-Led Conferences a success!  We,the students and I,  appreciate you joining us in celebrating the many successes and courageously facing the areas we are striving to improve on!  “E hana püala kåkou!” Together, WE CAN!

As mentioned at conferences, trimester #3 is the “strong swim” to the finish for 5B!  This is where we put all our ‘ike gained in the previous trimesters into “action!”  A call to take a stand as the “waves keep rolling in.”  Hoping that the info that you find on our class blog can offer support at home or please feel free to call, email, or write a note in the planner for me!   Please read this whole post of important events!

ALL US History and Hawaiian History notes (in Inquiry tablet) MUST be brought to class on a DAILY BASIS!! Students should work on researching self-selected projects daily!  A good conversation starter at home would be to ask about progress made today & goal for the next :). Appreciate our partnership!

Mon., Mar.13~Day 2:  HUAKA’I today!  Students would need to bring a lunch, drink, have swim clothes under uniforms, towel, sunscreen, light jacket & bring an extra change of clothes to return to school in proper uniform dress.  Students are so excited to try out their wa’a water purifiers w/Kumu Noe!  We will return in time for Christian Ed~ please have your work completed and brought to school! US History revisions DUE TODAY 🙂

Tues., Mar. 14~Day 3: We will be finalizing US History report & organizing notes to write rough draft for Hawaiian History in class.  Sidewalk Chalk Art Day…come in your E Ola Nø tshirt and jeans!

Wed., Mar. 15~Day 4: Students welcome Anakala Kühao Zane today to class as he shares his mana’o on our essential ? to deepen our understanding of What Is Your Kuleana? Mahalo to Reece & ohana for leading this effort!  Our CEO, Mr. Jack Wong will be visiting our campus!  Continue swimming…work on Hawaiian History project improvements! 

Thurs., Mar.16~Day 5: Hawaiian History Rough Drafts due in class today! Håweo Luncheon today!  We will also be welcoming visitors from across our kula all day long as we work on making our thinking visible and questions we ask each other in class!  Small groups of teachers and administration will be visiting every class as we all work together to stretch, improve, & thrive!

Fri., Mar.17~Day 6: Gr. 5 keiki invited to watch HS Hø’ike performance today 🙂 So blessed that we will all be able to see this wonderful event & learn about our Ali’i! Students will be given time to work on revisions.

SPRING BREAK is on Mar. 20-24 and KUHIO DAY on Mar. 27…See you all back on Tues., Mar. 28th!  Heads Up:  K-12 Math Performance task due in class on Wed., Mar. 29th!  Students, w/Ohana køkua, are asked to bring in the following information: 1) List of what (Student believes is important after research) is needed in Hurricane Preparedness Kit. 2) Prices from at least 2 stores for each item 3) Measurement of each item: length, width, & height.  Mahalo Ohana for allowing the time to collect information to help students succeed!                                                                                                                 Revisions for Hawaiian History due also.                                     Pheeewww, Ua Pau!  LOL, at least for THIS WEEK!

5B FISH! Swimming Strong TOGETHER!

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