Kuleana Continues…With Kumu Kawika

Kumu Kawika Shares his Kuleana w/5B FISH!

Our Kuleana Inquiry Project continues….The students were so priviledged today to have a chance to talk w/Kumu Kawika, author extraordinaire, and retired KSK Olelo Hawai’i Kumu!  Keiki had a wonderful time listening to him as he shared that his kuleana is a driving force inside of him and that it is always growing and changing to meet the needs of haumåna!  He believes that kuleana is a cycle…what you give out is what comes back to you!  He shared how his 1st book was “By Wind, By Wave” and how a chapter was about the Kolea.  The chapter started when his students didn’t know much about the Kolea, it was his kuleana to teach them about it to share how it was a significant part of their past.  Did you know that the Kølea was a great food source for our ancestors? Yes! He said, “so ono!”

Kumu Kawika shared how his kuleana is transformed into words that touch others.  He believes that each of us must listen and share mo’olelo with each other as our kuleana now & in the future!  Through his kuleana, he teaches about Kamehameha Nui after much research, which included using the nüpepa of the past.   He shares Kamehameha’s traits & his mo’olelo by including Hawaiian language and rich vocabulary in his books.  Each of his books were written for a purpose w/haumåna in mind!  He was impressed w/some of the inquiry questions that students asked throughout the “talk story” time!   He ended his visit w/us by telling keiki…that OUR kuleana is to continue to do better, to change as the times change, but remember our past!  Kumu Kawika continues to embrace his kuleana by sharing his mo’olelo w/us and then off to Kula Ki’eki’e to share w/high schoolers!  Sharing his kuleana by example!  Mahalo for joining us!

Students are now taking leadership role in our inquiry project learning by making contact w/people of our låhui that they would like to talk with, ask questions, and learn from!  Go FISH! Go!  Taking their  kuleana seriously to understand a deeper meaning!

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