Our Inquiry Continues…”What is Your Kuleana?”

Anakala Kawika

What a day!  The focus:  KULEANA!  Students were so blessed today to learn from many sources.  Nånå i ke kumu!  Look to the source!  Anakala Kawika, from our Grounds team, came to class today to share his mana’o and ‘ike addressing our essential question: What is Your Kuleana? He shared his thoughts in acrostic poem form that kuleana has many facets that are interdependent & in all parts of our lives.  He spoke of how important kupuna are in learning to målama ‘åina to be able to sustain ourselves while living on an island, how language is a huge part of our culture & grounds us to the ‘åina,  and aloha ‘åina which helps us build pilina and connects us as people.  He told students to embrace their kuleana and look at it as a blessing!  There is always something to learn, IF you seek out that opportunity!  We even got to hear of his passion called ‘Åina U!  We look forward to seeing Anakala Kawika’s dream of having students visit and learn from and listen to the ‘åina come true soon!  He closed his talk w/ BE INSPIRED to do great things and BE HONORED to continue traditions!  Mahalo for sharing your wealth of ‘ike and so much aloha w/us!  Priceless!

Flying the double shaka with Anakala Kawika!

The students then got to hear all about KULEANA with a KSH/Stanford Graduate & Gates Millenium Scholarship Awardee, Sharayah Campbell!  Miss Campbell told of how her Kuleana evolved as she grew!  As a student, working hard and being committed to school makes a huge difference.  In college, she got to share her culture  w/students from around the world and get inspired as others shared their culture with her.  Miss Campbell had the opportunity to live and work in Japan (another culture that makes up who she is).  All the while, her goals and her kuleana grew as she experienced more!    She shared how being ha’aha’a (humble) helps to learn more, ask for assistance when you need it!  She continues on her journey of education & kuleana as she will be working on getting her Masters in Education to be a teacher.  She closed her talk w/ APPRECIATE what each life experience offers you and leave a POSITIVE trail…We mahalo her for returning home to her roots at KSH to give back to nå pua a Pauahi!

Still flying the double shaka of ALOHA!

“Lawe i ka ma’alea a kü’ono’ono”. What a fantastic day as we took wisdom to make it deep!!!  “Nånå i ke kumu…look to the source” because “E hana püala kåkou…Together, We Can!”  We are #BLESSED!  Stay tuned for more on our journey as we “dive deep” into OUR KULEANA!

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