Mannequin Challenge 5B Style!

As our “Fun Friday” activity during morning meeting, the students and I decided it was time to work together to share what we do in class…mannequin style!  Teamwork at its best as Avani (master mannequin videographer) had to teach me how to do it.  Here’s a look at my 1st attempt (not the best, but trying) …then see Avani’s great tech talents (practiced to proficency) as she captures the great things students do in class!  Everyone had a blast coming up with poses, sharing ideas on what to do, how to showcase learning, combining efforts, & sharing our class beliefs…while building great pilina!  Laugh out loud with us!

 Students then added one more, just for fun!  Remember Toy Story? When the toys heard Andy coming?  Well, here’s what students do when they hear….

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