Oooohana Updates from Our 5B FISH!Booowl….

imageSo much vuunnderful news going on in our classroom, wanted to be sure to share it all with Ooohana!  So booootiful to watch as students work hard both individually and tooogether!  Ok, all Halloween fun aside…

Chayden shares his strategy on how to meet genre goal! Great job Chayden!

Great job Chayden! Sharing strategies to MEET goal!

As you all know, the trimester genres for reading were due on Mon., Oct. 24th, BUT you might have heard that final, no exceptions deadline was extended to 10/25 to help all students build on their “grit” to not give up and continue working hard until the very end!  Wanted all students to understand that hard work & effort is fruitful! I’ve witnessed students using every last min. to prepare presentation (some asking to stay in at recess), sharing strategies on how to meet goal, discussing genres together, sharing great books with one another, cheering each other!  Students are learning about time management, putting ho’omau into action, &  learning to differentiate genres by characteristics in a book!  All things to celebrate!!  It CAN be done!  11 out of 24 students have met their 9 genre reading goal for the trimester and at least 8 more were super close, one or two genres away!

imageStudents also shared their reflections on how they met genre goal or how they will plan and prepare to do so in Trimester #2 with you…Students have shared how they need to “not procrastinate,” “take kuleana more seriously,” “make better just right book selections,” “strategies to learn more words,” “when to 86 a book,” “make reading a priority,” & “take risks to read other genres” which allowed them to find a new favorite one! (More to celebrate) Mahalo Ohana for partnering w/me to help students succeed!  “Maka hana ka ‘ike!”  In the journey…there is knowledge!  Looking forward to 24 out of 24 meeting genre goals in Trimester #2!

Congrats Brayden! Our keiki conductor for Founder's Day 2016!

Congrats Brayden! Our keiki conductor for Founder’s Day 2016!

Ho’omaika’i to Brayden!  He will be taking on the huge kuleana of being our Kula’s keiki conductor at Founder’s Day when we celebrate Ke Ali’i Pauahi’s birthday and honor & mahalo her for her vision to advance keiki o ka ‘aina to be citizens of the world!

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