3-2-1 LAUNCH!

Preparing for launch!

Preparing for launch!

Yes, we have lift off!  It is finally here!  The 5B students launched KAMEHAMEHA GO! today.  Take a look around our Kula Ha’aha’a campus to see their collective efforts.  The haumåna had the opportunity to turn a game that is a world-wide craze and make it their own!

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Here is a helpful key:

Pokemon Go! = Kamehameha Go! ~ Students brainstormed names to come up with the perfect one!

imagePokestops = Imua Stop ~ Where you can learn something about our campus, kula, Ali’i & important people, plants, birds, and so much more.  Each of the Imua stops were student-selected.  Students chose topics that they wanted to research and what they felt was important for other students to learn about 🙂 Look for these around campus!

Poke Gym = Kahua Ho’ike ~ Students consulted Kumu Silva and explained what a poke gyms purpose was.  Kahua-platform Ho’ike to showcase learning.  The students created interactive ways to “train” the brain!  People would need to learn from an Imua Stop to be able to go to a kahua ho’ike to showcase their new learning!

Releasing Pokemon into the wild!

Releasing Pokemon into the wild!

Here are helpful tips to enjoy the full learning experience:

Use a scanning app ~ we use i-Nigma to scan the QR codes

Look for the Imua Stops, pay close attention to the videos, then use the  ‘ike you have gained to challenge yourself to successfully complete the interactive kahua ho’ike!

“Gotta Catch ’em All!”….or in the words of the 5B FISH!…”Gotta Learn ’em All!”  Have FUN!  We sure did!

Catch the Kamehameha Go! Craze

Catch the Kamehameha Go! Craze

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