Nånå i ke Kumu…Look to the Source: Project Kuleana Creators Visit Papa ‘Elima!

Nånå i ke Kumu…The haumåna of Papa ‘Elima had a wonderful day of learning doing just that…looking to the source!  We were extremely blessed today to get a visit from the 3 Anakala from Project Kuleana (Anakala Sean, Anakala Kîhei and Anakala Kamakoa) to help us in our inquiry-based project quest to seek answers to our essential question:  What is Our Kuleana as KS haumåna, as Hawaiians, as Global-Citizens?


So many times, we as a class, seek answers in our research in books, text, articles, & videos, etc. and often ask the question-What is the mana’o nui?  What is the author trying to teach us?  What is the author’s message?  We use our best reading strategies…we reread, review, articulate with each other, we track our thinking, and make inferences & search for information that would support it.

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Today, we took a different approach to our learning, we went straight to the source!  We did our usual work prior to our meeting- we read articles, we researched, we watched videos, we documented our questions and wonders and we made inferences and found proof/evidence to support our thinking…BUT, the HUGE difference, we got to ask the creative minds who created Project Kuleana questions!  We got to hear the reasons why they all had a strong need to share their Hawaiian music, why music helps the Hawaiian culture to thrive,  why they felt it was their kuleana to make this video, the ‘ike behind it, their thought process, the business end of it, heard all about the pilina they built with each other, other Hawaiian musicians, and our ‘Åina and much, much more!

The haumåna got some of their inferences validated, their questions answered, and now have more questions & wonders to “dive deeper” into What is Our Kuleana?  The inquiry process continues….

imageWe’d like to send out a mahalo nui to Anakala Sean, Anakala Kîhei, & Anakala Kamakoa for their generous gifts of time, sharing an immense amount of mana’o and ‘ike, and for strengthening our Hawaiian culture, one musical note at a time! He Hawai’i au, Mau a mau!

Click on the video to see the Kani ka pila session we had!  So blessed! AND  of course, FUN! Learning ALWAYS has to be FUN!  Whoo hoo!  Yippee!  Inside joke…You had to be in the moment with us to know and feel the excitement!  Right? Just ask Anakala Sean!

Mahalo to Kumu Silva for helping us to learn this mele and practicing w/ukulele too!


Learn all about Project Kuleana by clicking these links below:

http://oiwi.tv/music/pk2-kanaiaupuni/    http://oiwi.tv/music/project-kuleana-2-backstory/

The Anakala promise us that there is more to come, we got a sneak peek of their newest endeavor to share culture through music! Trust us, You won’t want to miss it!!!  Keep “Swimming Strong” and “Dive Back” with the 5B FISH! to see more of our inquiry-based learning project too!

**UPDATED SUN., SEPT. 25:  Please click on the comments link below to read the student commentary of their experience!

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