Million Word Goal- Hiki No!

Updated 5/26/15:  After a year of reading great books that took us on fabulous journeys around the world and back, the 5B FISH! have collectively read over 22 MILLION WORDS  this school year!  🙂  Good going students!  Have a great summer! 🙂

Post written by Student Guest Blogger: Lea

image Yay! I finally met my million word goal! I tried hard to get here and I actually passed the goal instead of 28 books I read 34 books. I tried to do my vocabulary right after I was done with the book, but that didn’t work out so I was rushing on the last day. I worked hard and I was tired, but in the end it was ALL worth it. I exceeded the goal and I’m proud myself. Middle school may be harder and have more books required, but I’m pretty sure I’m ready for anything!

Karissa is also in the process of writing her blog post of accomplishing this great feat of reading ONE MILLION words…stay tuned for her thoughts on it!

imageHere’s Karissa’s thoughts on reading ONE MILLION WORDS this year! 🙂

A few days ago, I finally hit my million word goal. I worked really hard and tried my best, and I even read more then one million words. One million words equals 28 books, each book must be 120 pages to count as one. Instead of reading 28, I read 31. I hope in middle school I can read all of my books just like I did in elementary, actually scratch that. I don’t hope I can, I know I can if I just try.

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