Student-Led Conference Sign Up Begins…

Aloha e nå Ohana 5B!

Just a gentle reminder that Student-Led Conference sign up forms have already gone home with your keiki.  Please return the form to class and indicate  your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice.  As the form explains, it is first come, first serve to be fair.  Rest assured that I try hard to honor your choices, but I may need to make adjustments, if necessary. A confirmation of your date and time will be sent home to you in planner as well as a heads up to look for it on the blog once I get all 24 forms.  Have a great “extra” day tomorrow with Ohana and see all students back in class on Wed., Feb. 18th 🙂

Reminder:  Students should have extensive notes on their one hanåu by now and have it in class upon their return.  Can’t wait to see you again for students to share their progress since we last met!  A hui hou!

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