FISH! Food for Thought #2: Thankful

Thankful for the TEAM!

Thankful for the TEAM!  We’re all IN!

Did you watch the news on TV or read the newspaper lately?  Do you notice that everything headlining both types of media ALWAYS begins with some BAD news?  We have so much to be grateful and thankful for in our world, but it seems that it takes a back seat to the horrible things in our world!  Maybe students need to lead the way into a better world!  I think students have so much to offer our world…to change it for the better, one heart at a time!  Ponder who, what, when, where, why, and how you are thankful.  Write a paragraph including all of the above…who you are thankful for, what you are thankful for, when you are thankful and so on!  Share details for each.  (To be completed in class)  Share the blessings to help the world remember all that is good!  Can’t wait for you to share your thoughts because YOU MATTER!  Let your voices be heard!


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