How Can You Lose a Whole Colony?


After completing reading the picture book ” Roanoke: The Lost Colony- An Unsolved Mystery From History”  by Jane Yolen in your teams:

How do you lose a whole colony? As you learn about Roanoke Colony, you may be the one to solve this centuries old mystery!  You are now the newest detective…take out your magnifying glass and closely examine the information.  Click on the link above to learn more as you dig into the facts.  Don’t forget to read through the sub topics on the page and complete the following: Browse the Wonder Gallery, Match the Wonder Words, Read more in Try It Out-including the Mystery @ Roanoke, Check out the Still Wondering section, and then Test Your Knowledge.

Do you have a theory after diving into the evidence?  Share your theory as to what happened to the Colonist of Roanoke in 2-3 paragraphs, sharing details to support your stance.  

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