App-Smashing Formative Assessment

The students were tasked with sharing what they learned on Climate Change/Global Warming from our huaka’i to Mokupapåpa and by watching “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Here are the app-smashing assignments sharing their new knowledge …so far!  (App-smashing is a term coined by Greg Kuloweic who is a tech guru-it means using a multiple apps simultaneously to create  a product that could not be done in isolation.  In this case, students took photos from their camera roll, created a collage in Piccollage, used Buddy Poke to create a video utilizing an avatar with their own voices, opening it all in Thinglink app to create targeted hotspots for everyone to see…pheew, what an app-smash, and it’s just the beginning of smashing)  The following 9 were submitted on time!  Mahalo!

Walter                    Dylan                    Ryzlin                    Mikayla                   Cade                       Hayden                  Kaulana                Karissa                  Dakota

Shania                    Makana                  Tyce                       Lea

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