Huaka’i to Mokupapåpa: Learning How Climate Change Impacts our Islands…

The students are learning  how Climate Change is impacting our world…today, we learned how it is specifically impacting our island home!  Papa ‘Elima went on our very first huaka’i for the year today to Mokupapåpa.  We learned that due to global warming, polar caps are melting and in turn, sea levels are slowly rising.  In the future, it is projected to rise 3 feet!  This rise would make the Northwestern Kupüna islands vulnerable and may even force some of the bird species that thrive there onto the endangered list or even become extinct.  Scientist are now hard at work on how to turn these grim projections around by changing the way we humans impact our world!  The keiki are now more knowledgeable on how to help!

We then went to Palekai, part of the Wahi Pana of Hilo in Hilo Hanakahi to learn all about that area of our hometown.  Uncle Smitty Kaleohano (Kumu Kaleo’s Dad) shared his mana’o & mo’olelo about the Palekai Wall (Breakwater Wall) and how it was built to withstand natural disasters like Tsunamis.  Our world has been experiencing much more natural disasters like tsunamis and  hurricanes, could this be due to our climate change?  Dive back in, as we expand our ‘imi ‘ike…knowledge on how to help Hilo and our World!  Click on video below to join in on our day!  I hopena pule maika’i….Have a great weekend!


photo 1


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Students also previously watched “Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore.  Ask your keiki to share what we can do to help Planet Earth!

From "Inconvenient Truth"

From “Inconvenient Truth”

Here’s Ryzlin’s Thinglink learning!




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