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Being kind to everyone is a good habit to have all the time. At the end of every Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen says, “be kind to one another.” Being kind can sometimes have material rewards, but not always. Being kind ALWAYS have emotional rewards…it fills you up and lifts the heart! You should still be kind even if no one is around. Here’s a clip from the show with people doing just that…BEING KIND TO ONE ANOTHER! Click on the link to see the kindness in our world!

A few of my classmates and I made this tutorials to be kind and share it globally with others so they too can learn how to be app smashers. We wanted to let them know that they can be epic too.  Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai…If you give love, you will receive love!

Lol Xander ⍟⚛

How to Create an iMovie Tutorial from 5BFish on Vimeo.

5/14/14 Update to Post:  Just got a “tweet” from the Master App-Smasher himself, Mr. Greg Kulowiec, he said that the iMovie tutorial above was “Well done!”  What an honor that he even watched it!  Great job FISH! Keep swimming strong!

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