Makawalu-8 Eyes-Multiple Perspectives…Sharing an Aura

imageStudents are currently exploring the app Aurasma…creating augmented reality.  This seems to be giving us some problem to get the “aura” to work.  The students tried to problem solve this in multiple ways, shared ideas, tried ways to improve the process, and even Tweeted the app makers with questions!  Unfortunately, still waiting for an answer.

For this particular blog post, you should be able to see Kaili sharing her thought on what Makawalu means to her by placing your tech device over this poster…Make sure you have Aurasma app downloaded!  Crossing our fingers that it works! Youʻll know we got it to work when you see a multitude of posters below this post.

photoIMG_2010IMG_2059IMG_2009 IMG_2013


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