FISH! Food for Thought #1: B Strong!

imageWhat a game!  Whether you are a baseball fan or not…the Boston sentiment “B Strong!” is a great precept…made for CHAMPIONS!  The people of Boston joined together after the bombing at the Boston marathon and through tragedy, have triumphed!  All the while reminding each other to Be Strong!  The MVP of this yearʻs World Series is David “Big Papi” Ortiz #34 of the Red Sox…research him to find out how he had to “B Strong” not only on the field, but even in his personal life.  Youʻll find it inspirational!


 noun \ˈprē-ˌsept\

: a rule that says how people should behave

When thinking of this precept, share your thoughts.  Share a time when you need or needed to be strong!

My "Smalll Papi"

My “Small Papi” Aidan at State Tourney



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